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Getting Obsessive about losing weight

Hi all, I've not posted in a long time as I don't get much of a chance. I'm in need of a bit of advice. So far I've lost 30kgs and I'm really proud of the loss but I can't see it. I feel more energetic but I don't think I look any different. I set myself a goal this year to lose more and get myself under 100kgs (I'm currently 114kgs) but to also get stronger and build up my stamina. Unfortunately life had other plans and between myself & my fiancé (whom I am a carer for) we've spent the last 2 months sick on & off. I'm upset because I haven't been able to exercise as much and I'm worried I'm going to lose what I worked hard to gain in terms of muscle & stamina. I tried to start back this week as I'm almost better but today I was too tired and my fiancé told me to rest. I've listened to him but am still sat worrying that I'm going to put on weight etc because I'm not exercising today. I also got into the habit of weighing myself everyday which I doubt is a good thing but I can't seem to stop & obviously weight changes daily which makes it worse. I'm just so scared of putting on. I have managed to force myself to eat more calories as I used to stick to between 1200-1500 but NHS says I should be between 1700-1900 but even that worries me.

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Hi, 30k is a massive amount to lose. Your clothes must be hanging off you! Have you used a tape measure, I bet you have lost loads. Listen to your body with regards to calories. If you are hungry but still losing then eat a bit more. If you aren't hungry and are getting a good range of nurtrients that I wouldn't worry about the calories particularly if you aren't that active. You can do this! Keep posting as the forum really can help!


Hello ,Oh you sound so down .You must forgive yourself for being ill ,your achievement so far is huge and keep reminding yourself of that .I have had glitches since new year with cold s and losing my momentum , it is normal too lose your way a bit and feel rubbish when you cant get back on track. I went back to basics about a month ago writing down everything I ate and tried to keep active even if I could not go to the gym and still had off days but I weighed myself Monday past and had lost 2.5 lbs that had been sticking since after Christmas so it can be done ,that has helped me to get back into it as I still have a long way to go myself .Take good days as a boost and forgive the hard days .hope this helps you feel better and keep going set a wee target for 7 days or something organise meals and some form of exercise if you can . Good luck


Wow. That's 4 stone 10lbs. Stop and take a breath, I can feel the panick in you. 4 stone 10lbs is an awesome weight loss. You should be so proud of your self. I bet your fiancé is:). Find a photo of your former self and put it up somewhere, take a picture of the new you and compare it. Do you have any of your 'big' clothes, if so try them on. You have obviously been doing something very right. I have never lost so much, but I do know it can get harder. Have a shake up and try some new foods, maybe you have got into a 'food rut'. You have just been ill and being a carer is hard work, I know. If getting on the scales every day is freaking you out, then put them in a cupboard where you can't see them for a couple of days. If you can't do that, just remember you know the weight fluctuates, don't be scared of it. You obviously have a lot of determination, it will come back. Don't be so hard on yourself. As your body repairs itself you will be able to exercise again. 2 months is a long time to be ill, give it time. Sending you a big (((hug))). 🌻


Don't beat yourself up, life sometimes gets in the way. Concentrate on the huge loss so far and the lovely support you have from your fiancé. Ease yourself back into exercise and celebrate small steps.

Take care and love yourself.


Hi firstly stop, think, evaluate, move forward

1. Stop Try not to think in a negative way you have done so well so congratulations you should be proud of yourself.

2. Think back to how you looked before, I myself have lost 54lbs so just behind you and I know how my clothes have got too big and how I need a couple of sizes smaller.

Think how much fitter you feel I realise you have been ill and so has your fiancé that in itself can make you feel lethargic and down in the dumps. Just make sure before you re start back into your healthy ways that you are well enough and fit enough to do so.

3. Take a long hard look in the mirror, look at the scales, remember when you felt at your healthiest what weight were you then and is that where you want to be now?

What is your main goal don't give yourself a set number but maybe a band say 70-73kg depending on your height etc

4. Plan how you are going to exercise, give yourself little goals each month and go slow and steady that's The safest way.

Lastly I have found that the scales are my worst enemy every time I have lost weight before I have become obsessed with them to the point of moving them around the house several times a day then giving in as I can't process the numbers on the scales fluctuating so much. Now when I started my journey I weighed after the first month, then every 2 weeks till 5 months went past now it's once a week Tuesday 8.30 same place, same scales. At no other point in the week do the damm things resurface lol.

At the end of all this is causing you too much anxiety take a trip to see your GP

Good luck take care💐


I think for some people, weight loss can bring around a certain amount of body dysmorphia. I've not lost anywhere near the amount you have (congrats by the way!), but 10kg is still significant and my partners are saying how they can notice it, but I look in the mirror and look just as big as I was 6 months ago... yet I can tell by the fact that my clothes are fitting differently that something *must* have happened. Also, I think different people put on and lose weight differently - I know a lot of people who only put it on in one area e.g. their tummy, but I'm big all over - this means that when I put on a little, it's not very noticeable, but equally, when I lose some it isn't so noticeable either!

But you know, whether you see it or not, the scales don't lie, although it can be easy to convince yourself otherwise.

If you're a carer, that's a lot of pressure for you to be under, especially if you've been ill together. Do you get any support for yourself? Any counselling or anything? Because it sounds like you're suffering from an immense amount of anxiety, and that's a lot to deal with while looking after someone else AND trying to lose weight. Sometimes a little external support can be a big help if you're struggling.

As for time off exercising, when I've had periods off for whatever reason, I generally find it takes a really long time for muscles to shrink back - maybe take it easy for a couple of sessions to gauge it, but I should imagine (from personal experience) you'd be back to your usual routines pretty quickly.

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