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Progression reversed

At a midweek weight check, I was comfortable with a 2lb loss then, a disaster, this morning I find myself 2lb over. Yesterday I had restaurant meal at lunch time. I feel that it was too much for me and I must be more careful in what I order when I eat out.,

During the week I had kept my intake to about 1750, except yesterday. This week I will work harder at my exercises and reduce my bulk food intake, while at the same time attempting to keep the food group balance correct

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These things happen often for no apparent reason. Its scary when we're trying to lose, but dont worry, it happens to everyone, even maintainers. If you're definitely still eating within your correct level then just carry on. For example in the past five days my weight varied by 0-3 lbs, but Im used to it now, it does that every other week!!


Thank you elliebath for putting my mind at rest. I have just been in the gym for an extra 30 mins. and have managed to burn off an extra 3 cream biscuits i.e. 230 calories, so good has come out of the shock I had this morning.


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