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couch to 5k issues

hi, I need some advice please.

I have completed week five of the couch to 5k programme, which i do on the treadmill at home. only I was only able to run for 8 minutes on the last go and then stopped and started. next week it ups to two 10 minute runs.

i am wondering if i should repeat week 5 until i get the 8 minutes, or do week 6 as much as i can?

alsfo any tips for breathing techniques and what to focus on other than the timer and burning in the legs?


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Hi Tia, did you mean to post this question on the Weight Loss forum, because I think you'd get a more informed response from the C25K community? :)

Good luck! :)


tia, is actually thanks in advance ;) i didn't bother signing my name (embarrassed emoji!) when i logged the post, i was reading couch to 5k posts and jst assumed it would be on the same page as those...not very good at this type of thing! woops.

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Looks like we're both techno numpties!! :D

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Do what your body tells you. If you take the approach that every run counts even if it doesn't go according to plan you'll treat 10 minute runs that only last 8 minutes as practice.

One thing that helped me get through the longer runs of the programme, when the gremlins started to make an appearance, was to concentrate on the timer and shout back at the gremlins that I can run the next minute and keep repeating that mantra until the gremlins just go away.

Some people will say get off the treadmill and take to the great outdoors. I still do both.

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There is no harm in doing the week again if you struggled with it. The main thing is to keep the routine of 3x per week.

I think it is easier to run outside as it is less monotonous and the time passes more quickly when you have nature to look at. Just do your best to follow the instructions on the podcast and you will get there!

Good luck and keep going, it feels amazing to get to the end! 🏃🏻‍♀️

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