Addiction or Gluttony

I am a Food Addict, I am overweight, I am a Snackaholic, a nibbler a struggle to feel full type of person. I began my journey 5 days ago and I feel great. I eat what I want,like and what I crave using the 12 week NHS Plan. I have so far lost 6lb and my week isn't up until Monday morning. The choice of food has so far been brilliant, I am cooking for the whole family.

Today I change, Today I become the version of me that I dream of and Today I am better. No more excuses. Simplify, achieve and overcome. Simplify my food choice with a menu plan, achieve my goals and overcome my issues.

That is my mission

Please help me remember this.


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34 Replies

  • Happy days! Seems like you are on the ball, keep at it buddy you are doing great 😀

  • Well done! You are doing so well, Keep going, reach for the stars.

  • FoodAddict101

    Yes I love a strong determined post.

    You are not a food addict, you may have been a sugar addict but you've got this licked.

    You go girl !!🌠

  • Thanks, not sure about the sugar thing if it means sweet stuff as I would pass on any dessert and have cheese and biscuits, never had a sweet tooth as they say, very much a savoury person. It always seems to be carbs. Bread, potatoes and pastry products like pies and sausage rolls. But my real weakness is crisps. Can I be really craving sugar without realising and not because of its sweetness.

  • Carbs like bread, crackers, alcohol, potatoes, crisp and pastry all turn very quickly into sugar and will send your insulin sky high. So yes I agree when I say sugar I don't mean the white granulated stuff. It's an absolute mine field, so many contradictions and different advice.

    I follow roughly the Mediterranean diet (that's not pasta and pizza sadly) it's fab !

    Plus it works, then it's all about maintaining. Really it's about a change of lifestyle.

    oh heck I sound like a boring book.

    I wish you good luck and health on your journey xx


  • Thanks again, I've just be reading up on sugar in my favourite carbs and how to make the right swaps. Who knew lol. Luckily following the nhs plan it contains wholewheat complex carbs so hopefully I get what I want, what I crave and the right end results X

    Ps, Not a boring book but a hive of important, helpful information.

  • :) xx

  • What jopo says makes really good sense to me but I didn't know it. Like you, FoodAddict101 i love bread, pasta, and would always say I prefer savoury stuff. I didn't know those carbs turn into sugar in the body but it makes sense. Now I don't eat them at all I am so much happier as I am lighter, have more energy and not hungry. We can get this weight loss thing cracked! Thanks @jopo

  • XX :) you're welcome my friend.

  • That just brought tears to my eyes - what a soppy muppet I am x

  • Wow! Go you. Such positivity can only lead to one place - your ultimate goal.

  • Feel exactly the same. Only 3 days in but feeling positive n determined.

  • Hi Ejay16, Our journey may have just begun but the light at the end of the tunnel is that bright I can see it, I can feel it and most of all I'm there at the end when I close my eyes. We can pick up our feet and together take this one day at a time.

  • I can hear your determination in every word! Your life certainly will change and it will be more wonderful than you could have ever dreamed of. When times are tough, turn to this community rather than to food and it will work, I promise you! I shall look out for your posts and well done for a fantastic start. I don't know how much weight you have to lose, but if it is a lot, like me, then do check out your calorie range on the NHS BMI calculator; I was really surprised how much I could eat and still lose weight at a reasonable rate and it has made it much easier to sustain in the long term. Good luck x

  • WOW Kalahuchi is that your weight loss so far 5 stone? That's amazing. I don't have as much to lose, I would like to shed about 2.5 to 3 Stone. I have checked the BMI Calculator as that's the plan I'm following. Your words and achievement are truly inspirational. Thank you X

  • Yes, 5 stone; I really have lost that much and it amazes me too! Thank you so much for your kind comments. My goal originally was 2 stone (and I thought that was ambitious!) and I've just kept going. You really can do this; never doubt it for a moment and if you slip up along the way we're all here to get you back on track. I look forward to reading your posts x

  • Please can you let me know how and what you did?

  • Hi Sumeraji,

    I knew I was getting to the age where carrying so much extra weight was likely to make me ill so I just decided enough was enough. I also came across this forum and the NHS 12 week plan at the same time so the timing was just right.

    The first thing I did was empty the house of sweets, cakes and chocolates and either give them away or throw them away but I didn't do anything else that first week. The next week I tried to concentrate on eating 5 fruit and veg a day and getting added sugar totally out of my diet because I was a bit of a sugar addict.

    At that stage I was still eating far too much but a lot healthier so next I planned meals so I had 3 meals a day and no snacks until that became a habit. Next I checked out the NHS BMI calculator and started calorie counting and weighing food to get the portion sizes right. That took a whole 3 weeks.

    Last of all I started to experiment with exercise to find things I enjoyed and felt I could do as a hobby rather than just to burn calories so I would keep it going in the long term.

    All of these little tiny changes that build up over time have led to a whole new lifestyle and I feel as if I haven't made much effort at all and I have gradually replaced bad habits with good ones.

    It hasn't always been easy and without the support of the lovely people on this forum I know I would have given up long ago so their support has meant a lot to me.

    We all have to find out what works best for us and my way of doing things may not suit you, but I would like to wish you every success. The main bit of advice I can give you is to think positively about yourself and never give up; if you have a bad day, don't feel frustrated, just put if behind you and start again the next.

    Good luck x

  • Where did you find the 12 week plan?

  • Thanks Moreless; I never did learn how to insert links. x

  • I found it by typing "nhs 12 week healthy eating plan" in Google, but I can see Moreless has posted a link below which makes it even easier to find! x

  • Amazing, well done kalahuchi

    👍 🌟

  • Thank you jopo x

  • How did you do that?

  • Love yourself.

    Love your body.

    Aim to become better version of yourself.

    You are on your own journey, don't compare with others journey.

    Save yourself from Mis-information.

    Save yourself from jealous/overweight friends who will discourage you from taking this path of health.

    Save yourself from getting into Tempting situations.

    Throw away all the junk food from your home.

    Make this as a lifelong journey of health... not just a month or an year target.

    Try Mindful eating... it solves all the temptation problems and mental issues

    All the best. Happy Journey :)


    Happy to Help!

  • Nice post Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd

    Can I ad......

    Don't feed your children junk....

    break the obesity cycle.

    Health to all xx


  • Thanks Jopo!!

    Yes, you said it... Avoid feeding junk to kids..

    I have seen adults do manage to come out of this junk problem but children for whom regular food just means cola, burger, french fries... such kids have a gigantic problem of weaning themselves off it when they grow up.

    Break the Obesity Wave.

    Ride the Wave of Health and Wellness :)

  • Very wise words indeed Riyaz. x

  • Thanks!!

  • I was the same a 'constant craver' was the diagnosis by the horizon website test of which diet you should do. That was 2 yrs ago and after 1yr of the 5:2 diet I'd lost 6kg but put half back on in the 2nd year. Which is why I'm here, I'm still doing the 500 calories twice a week but I'm using the NHS 12 weeks for the other 5 days to try to eat healthier. Before I would just eat solidly when I wasn't fasting but half way through the plan I'm learning to change what I want to eat. Sometimes I even choose the healthy option without thinking other times I have to weigh up the options and force myself to choose 1 of my 5 a day. However, I do believe with my 3.8kg lost since mid Jan that I'm fuller quicker and am hopeful this will end my gluttony tendancies, even if I still eat loads just the healthier options. Good luck with your journey I hope we all find our happy ending, even if the road there isn't always smooth.

  • Fingers crossed for you. This time you will be successful.

  • Well guys, I did it, passed my first week with flying colours with a 7lb loss. Loving my food plan and eating plenty to keep me satisfied and those carb demons under control. Allowing myself a packet of low cal crisps has helped as other diets they were not allowed and I think that restriction was my downfall.

    Thanks to all for your support.

    I like to know how you are all getting on too.

  • Fantastic, what a great start. You must feel super motivated. Here's to a successful week 2 🎉

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