Oh no, a chocolate jumped into my mouth!

I'm in my daughter's kitchen and a chocolate just jumped up! Been here since Friday doing lots of DIY and moving boxes and furniture. Been really good counting calories, she hid the peanuts but not the chocs. I'm so tired, I wish I hadn't picked it up, now I am going to have to be strong, it tasted so good! Off to move more boxes 😏


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8 Replies

  • Not a big deal, you have done loads of good stuff with the DIY and walking the dog. Did you manage to find the cross trainer?

    One chocolate never hurt anyone and as long as it doesn't degenerate into the whole box all will be well.

    Hope your daughter is pleased with your efforts.

  • Found it Ceals even uncovered it 3 times! only for it to be covered again. Not too worried, got the dog here so have been walking every day as well. Just need to go move the chics I think, out of sight out of mind!

  • Chocolates have a habit of doing that they call out to you don't they 😄😄

  • Especially when your resistance is low!

  • I know I'm sure they know that lol 😁

  • They always aim straight too...

  • They do, but only one made it😄 Watching super slimmers and horrified at how fast some of these people have lost weight just go put it on again!!

  • It's pie I have a problem with!!! Baker's or butchers. Mince steak or chicken. Sausage rolls Bridie's!!!!!!🍮🍫 I better stop there!!!! Lol🍀 Good luck. 🌹

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