Stupid self sabotage!

Bad planning today caused me to binge on chocolate biscuits! I was late home for lunch, starving, only had a quick bowl of soup, felt very virtuous, then rushed out again to deliver leaflets round village. Should have taken time to have a bit more lunch. I was ravenous when I got back and spoilt my dinner by grabbing the biscuit tin. Well, I could have had fruit, I suppose. Why do we do it!! Aargh! And I hadn't had a single biscuit or chocolate for two weeks after pledging on here to give them up! Failed! Back on that wagon tomorrow .... again! And what's worse is in this morning's weigh in I had lost 1.2lb. I was so pleased. Self flagellation in order now! Please tell me I haven't lost the plot!


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  • How many did you have? For each one run up and down the stairs twice!

  • Can't do that at this time of the night! Neighbour's would kill me! Haha! Could do it tomorrow though. Cheers Ella x

  • Hi Trimmerteacher

    Don't beat yourself up over the chocolate biscuits, we all do it. If there in the house at some stage we head towards then even though we know we shouldn't. My sister last week brought me a packet of chocolate biscuits as a treat!! I asked my daughter to take them home with her and she forgot, end result was I ate them and gained a pound! So I know how you feel, but you have a week before your weigh-in so draw a line under it and climb back on the wagon, you can do this.

    Well done on losing 1.2lbs this week.


  • Thanks Yellow Rose. I knew I could count on you all to buoy me up again!

  • It's ok - you are back on the wagon now. It was just a blip - and you have a whole week before next weigh in. Also think of the exercise delivering leaflets round the village!

  • Good point Ceals, damage might not be as bad as it could have been. 😊

  • It happens to the best if us, I ate two chic biscuits, and a pack of popped crisps, I had the mad cravings, gone and ok about it, us maintainers have these issues too!😌

  • Thanks Diana, I'm putting it behind me now I have "confessed" to you all!

  • I've fallen by the wayside today ... why is cheese SO delicious?

  • Cruel, isn't it?! 😫

  • I've had a very odd food day and I realised I only had 150 cals for breakfast when I would usually have 300-400 to keep me going! So I ended up buying a snack AND then snacking after dinner and also before dinner. :( Nothing unhealthy really but all over calories and I'd obviously lost the plot by the end of it all!! Silly. :) it's a slippery slope! New day tomorrow!

  • You and me both, Kinbun 😊

  • Just means your human, don't give it another thought. It could have been a lot worse.

    You could always calculate the choci biscuit calories and go on a lovely long walk at the weekend.

    Re group and start a fresh tomorrow, you've done the right thing by sharing, I can feel your passion and I know you won't let this tiny slip jeopardise your goal.

    Onwards and downwards Trimmerteacher

    Jo xx

  • Thanks jopo, I'm back on board already!

  • I had an ice cream incident yesterday - that was then this is now! You're doing really well - it prob won't show on the scales next week :)

  • Thanks fitforit75. 😊😊

  • Every minute is an opportunity for a fresh start, Tt. Draw a line under it and start again :)

  • You're right moreless. 😊

  • We all do it! If it's in my house I eat it! It was my sons birthday last week, resulting in chocolate everywhere in our house! I failed to plan my meals and ate 5 chocolate rolls yesterday, felt very naughty but nice. Thankfully they have all gone now.

  • AGosh that's just like me

  • It's so easy to do! .... I'm the same and then I'm annoyed at myself😁 at least you were out and about delivering leaflets that will have burnt off some calories.

    today's another day ....Enjoy x

  • I'm the same with chocolate biscuits.... I'm fine if there not opened but once that packet is opened I just can't stop myself cos there sooooooooooo nice.. your only human Trimmerteacher and cravings just take over us sometimes... main thing is youve put it behind you and moved on... x

  • Now you know just how easy it is to blow it. You can now plan for calorie attacks and be prepared in advance. I often used to keep a weight watchers snack bar for self destruct moments (just don't eat them all at once!) We have ALL done it. Just jump straight back on that bandwagon.

    Congratulations on the weight loss. X

  • Dear Tubbyteacher, don't be so hard on yourself. We're all humans after all and will make mistakes. The way you deal with it is what matters! Learn from it: have a more satisfying lunch and a healthy snack with you when you're out. I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • Thanks everyone for your brilliant support! This morning I feel great, ready to do battle and stick to my plan. 😊

  • Don't be too hard on yourself I had a day like that 2weeks ago and felt awful instead of enjoying the treats. Posted on here and the support as ever put things into perspective and I'm back on track. 😊😊🍐🍎

  • You haven't lost the plot, just human, I had a binge week last week, and hornomal bloating the 2:5 to 3lb weight gain, was prob nearer to 1:5 in reality, only today are things resettling again.

    Only so much ginger tea I can drink too

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