Bob milk

Bob milk has disappeared from our local supermarkets or if it's hiding somewhere it's doing a superb job. I can't stand skimmed milk so tried this product with a dose of scepticism but found it does do exactly what it says on the tin or bottle if you get my drift. But in the last two weeks now bob anywhere. Just wondering if anyone else has had supply problems.


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9 Replies

  • Never heard of it so I am intrigued. What is different about it?

  • It was advertised around new year. Tastes like semi but is skimmed. More information

  • Thanks for the info Cuddlygran. Not sure why I wanted to know as don't use much milk and when I do it is skimmed goats milk. I just wanted to learn so thank you for educating me.

  • Information is our armory in the fat war. Xx

  • I've never heard of it either.....would also love to know more about it.

  • I got 2 bobs yesterday from Tesco

    It's skimmed milk tastes like semi skimmed so much less watery but calorie wise there's 42 in Bob and 46 in semi skimmed 100 ml so not much to worry about tbh

  • OK. Thanks for the calorie information l had been treating it as skimmed so may as well stop worrying about it now it's not that much difference. Thanks once again.

  • I get mine from Tesco. If you have that supermarket near you.

  • Thanks for your help but on reading response from woome it's not that much difference between semi and bob. I've been treating it as skimmed so good job l asked. I'm afraid lm old school and ml and litres mean nothing to me so l was in the dark. Thanks for your response.

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