Wk 4 (I'm new here)

3tbsp reduced fat hummous described as 100cal snack. I love hummous but wherever I buy it I can't find any more than 1 tbsp for 100 cal. when I read the label. Can I believe what week 4 Losing Weight is telling me. I seldom buy hummous since starting diet because I can't use it up by date once opened. Would love to believe 100 calorie snacks advice.


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8 Replies

  • Does it taste good? I would probably prefer a little bit of full fat stuff rather than more of the low fat stuff. I am the same with yogurt etc

  • Tesco reduced fat houmous is 120 cal for 50g (1/4 of the pot)

    It tastes just as good as the full fat version in my opinion - the salt content is 0.5g per quarter.

    Hope that helps :)

  • What is the sugar content if there is one?

  • Tesco reduced fat Humous 50g


    6g carbs

    8g fat

    5g protein

    0.5mg sodium

    0g sugar

  • you cab make your own if you have a blender

  • Do you know how long it keeps if you make your own? I love hummus but the amount of garlic in it doesn't love my stomach and I'd like to try making my own with less garlic but I assumed it wouldn't last long?

  • When I make my own, once refridgerated it lasts around 5 days to 1 week :) I put it in little portion sized pots to help.

  • Ok thanks, that would be worth doing then 😀

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