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I am starting to become really stressed at the moment as on sunday me and my husband went into a store to look at buying a bed called Mattressman. I went into the store and it was raining. The mats in the store were a few steps away from the door and the floor was polished tiles and I slipped & fell backwards. I am just able to do little bits of exercise at the moments as I am scared I will end up creating problems with my back and leg as this is what I fell onto. The store told me that the companies head office will be contacting me to apologise and make sure that I am ok on Monday. I still haven't heard from them now, so am fuming with the company and certainly wouldn't now recommend going into their stores, I think they are worried I might make a claim against them, which I wasn't going to do although the way they are treating me I feel like I should do it anyway. I am doing sugar free February for Cancer Research from tomorrow so hopefully this will help with the bits of exercise I miss out and lets hope it doesn't stop me losing me losing any weight.


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  • Claim, it might make them do something about the tiles, and stop someone else being injured...xx

  • Claim, otherwise they'll think they have got away with it. They are probably talking to their legal team as to what their next steps should be...perhaps they're worried that if they ring to apologise they think that will be used against them as it is an admittance of guilt and could be used in court against them. Either way, they are in the wrong as they have a duty to ensure that the shop environment is safe for public use.

    On the fitness side of things, it's a ratio of like 80:20 diet and exercise so don't worry that you will gain weight - even if you don't do much exercise but stick to a healthy eating plan you should be fine. Talk to your Dr about which exercises you should do to help your recovery.

    Sazkia :)

  • I have thought about claiming against them and I do have a bit of pain in my back although it is not severe. I was told yesterday by solicitors working 4 national accident helpline that 4 me to not have to pay anything I do have to be in pain 4 at least 6 weeks that I can prove otherwise they can't claim from the other teams insurers for their money and I would have to pay it. I just can't decide what to do. I have told them I will think about it and keep it open in case the pain gets worse in the next few weeks. The store itself was very nice and I didn't get any pics of the scene to start with, then they moved the rugs. The store took pics and wrote it in their accident book and I went back to the store yesterday to check info that was written and to make sure the pic was how the rugs were. The pic was correct and the acc book missed out info about my back pain. They then wrote this in when I reminded it to them and sent an updated copy to their head office. Head Office then called and told them I shouldn't have seen anything and was not allowed any copies of anything. Looks to me like they are already trying to get out of it.

  • That's shocking! It reads as though they are more concerned with covering their own backs than an actual concern for their customers safety. Which company is it? If I were you I would seek further legal advice, although I understand your concern regarding money. I think it's terrible that these companies go around not doing their jobs correctly (as in following health and safety procedures) and then try to play dirty when they know full well they're in the wrong. Head office sound like prats! I hope you will be okay, but make sure that they are aware that you won't be giving them your custom again and that you'll be warning family and friends of how you were treated. That should at least make them think and perhaps finally give you an official apology. Just don't hold your breath for it lol.

    Sazkia ;)

  • Sazkia thanks for your advice, the company is called Mattressman, There website address is called and the store I was in was in Winterhill Retail Park in Milton Keynes.

  • are you in a Union at work? You can claim through them. Get to the Docs asap. If you've done damage to yourself it needs to be documented...xx

  • ANewMe2017 unfortunately I do not work, so wouldn't be able to do this. My hubby works, I found it very strange when I was in the store when the manager asked me if I worked, saying he had to put this information into his accident book. When I looked at it it did say 'not working'. To be honest, I didn't even think this was any of there business. It also makes me think this is probably one of the reasons they are not contacting me because they just assume I would probably do it. If this is how they treat unworking people and most of them do it, is it any wonder. They are making me want to do it more. Everyone should be treated the same. Thanks anyway for your idea though.

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