Embarrassing moment

Hi all, thought I would tell you about an embarrassing moment that happened to me today!!!!

Had just finished work today and (I have to wear black trousers and a tunic for work )and thought I would go and get a few bits of shopping at Asda, so dutifully picked up the basket a got a few bits and as I was going round the aisles could feel my trousers sliding down,when I had to basically drop the basket in the middle of the aisle and hoist my trousers up as they had nearly slid down past my hips,!!!-I must say I got some strange looks, but after rolling them up thought it really was time to now buy a new pair for work, so went to the clothing dept and purchased a size 14, :) :):)needless to say the size 16 will be going to charity !!!! :)


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  • Woohoo!!! The best kind of embarrassing moment to have! Yaaaay you! :)

    It's all downhill to the 12's now! :D

  • Yes definitely better that way round than popping the buttons :) ha ha !

  • Well done you. My aim is to get down from size 16 to a 14, and I can't wait for my trousers to start falling down - But hopefully not in public

  • Yes - not a pretty sight, good job I had my coat on :)

  • Lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† great story and great excuse to buy new trousers

  • Yes Anna, just a shame they were only for work, I might try a few of my M&S jeans on that I bought about three years ago at the weekend !!!! :) that have always never really fit ,even with hopping around and then lying flat on the floor to try and ease them on - never worked for me unfortunately !!! :)

  • congratulations!!

  • Yes good job I had enough money on me :)

  • Yikes, definitely time to buy new trousers πŸ‘–πŸ˜‰

    I really love milestones like outgrowing clothes, it really shows what we have lost!!!

    Well done on your achievement, even though it happened in public 😊 At least you were in the right place to replace them 😊

  • Definitely a milestone moment!!! :)

  • Did I just see a video of this on you tube? πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰

  • Could be !! Ha Ha :)

  • Good on you getting into a size 14 I am still trying to get from 18 to16. Some fit some don't. Keep going

  • When my son was a baby and not long walking, I had a pair of trousers that were a 14, but I think mislabelled as a 16 to be honest. I was always having to hoik them up when I lost weight. One day we were out and about, I can't remember where, but in public and he tripped and made a grab for me as he fell and pulled my trousers all the way to my ankles!! I thought I was going to die of shame.

  • I know exactly how you felt, so embarrassing !!,almost thought I was on Candid Camera ( maybe you don't remember that :) ) ,showing my age now ;)

  • Well done you... Hitch up and carry on!

  • Well done you on your weight loss.I lost 34lb recently then had friends to stay & have put on flipping 19lb just like that so reading your story has in a strange way given me the push i need to get back on track as well as giving me a good laugh. Thanks.For the record,i have 4 stone to lose !!!

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