Accidentally Missing Meals - What Do You Do?

To set the scene, I would say that I am generally pretty organised about making sure I have three meals a day, and there are snacks on hand. I take packed lunches to work, and if we are out and about generally we either have a "venue" in mind for a meal, or food is taken with us. I am not a person who sets out to miss meals.

That said, occasionally life intervenes. This weekend was a case in point where there was a crisis at the dog rescue I help out with, and I dropped everything both days, and headed off there with a collection of healthy snacks picked up as I ran out the door. The only problem was, that they were in the car a whole 5 minutes walk away, and I was just totally immersed in what needed doing on the ground, grabbing a coffee eventually, and that was it. I would tell anyone else they should have taken a break and gone back to the car, but, it wasn't possible, and having food in a kennels environment, is, believe me, not advisable - too smelly for starters! By the time I arrived home Saturday, it was an hour before "dinner", and I was so impressed with myself, because I still set to and prepared all my vegetables for roasting to go with my dinner. Sunday I arrived home a couple of hours before dinner, and I was actually very hungry.

At one time, I would have visited the only food seller en route (a garage), picked up a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar and eaten them on the way home. I actually had to do an emergency visit to the garage on the way home yesterday, and it didn't even occur to me. :-o

Missing meals is not ideal, and my 'dinners' both days were already planned. What do others do in this situation? Eat a decent snack when they arrive home? Add another course to their dinner - if so what? Carry on and just forget the meal they have missed?

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  • It doesn't happen very often, but if I do miss breakfast or lunch then I tend to wait until the next meal (if it's only a couple of hours away). I might have a few bits of cheese if I'm feeling very hungry.

  • On a rare occasion I have got to lunch and thought why am I so hungry and then realised I forgot breakfast- then I just have some nuts to make up the calories- they are low gi

  • I like the idea of the nuts. I always have small pots made up in portion sizes for Mr B to grab and go - I could have had one of those. Healthy and keeping up the calories, but not too bulky for the stomach an hour or so before a meal.

  • I too would go for nuts. If for some reason I don't get my breakfast I take a portion of almonds with me. I like something with a crunch, it's far more satisfying. I have just discovered Graze, they do nuts and also vegetables. They come in, I think 41g packs. The nuts come in at 245 calories and the vegetable ones, I think were 133 cals, both are very nice. My hubby has also joined me on my quest to shed some pounds, only thing is I have to do all the calorie counting for us both and like you I make sure he has portion sized pots available, but don't always do mine in advance.

  • Looks as if nuts are a favourite.

    Mind you, the chances of my forgetting to eat breakfast, missing breakfast, or leaving the house without it in a box are remote enough for me not to be able to remember the last time it happened. :D

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