Week three of 52

Okay so the scales have said three different things this morning firstly I had put on weight which cannot be accurate! then I tried again and it said I had lost it and then again it said the same as yesterday - so today I could be anything - I will invest in some new scales asap. I think I will put myself as 16 st 6 lbs today which is a overall 3lb loss for the week and an overall loss of 15lbs, but perhaps I should hold off from having the 1st badge until I get new scales! what the hell If I could have the badge please, and whatever the new scales say I will wait until they match this weight! How else do you work out what your weight is on new scales, because I know I weigh less on mums and more on the scales at the doctors and less on an official calibrated scales used for weight loss group??

Anyhow the week has gone well now the competition is over at work, I didn't win sadly! But I have won in other ways, I have increased my food intake slightly and now have 1400-1500 on average each day, closer to 1600 yesterday, my limit is 1729 at 16 st 6 lbs, Also I think I am still losing weight, and I am now allowed my favourite sandwich for lunch!

I have had three 1 hr walks and always stuck within my calorie allowance, I find it quite easy to stick within the calorie allowance also, so much so that I would be happy to maintain I think. However It will be interesting going to a lower calorie intake, is 1400 the lowest it goes or can you go 1100-1200??

I think I will go out and get some scales today, I think I will go digital and make sure I have spare batteries at home. I will update you later on my weight. Hope everyone has a positive week ahead. All the best. JP.


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30 Replies

  • Unfortunate, but a good demo of why not to pin everything on individual weigh-ins.

  • Yes I agree you shouldn't pin everything on weigh in, for example you may go over your allowance which is why you have put on the weight but made real positive steps like saying no to food offered at work on several occasions where normally you would cave! That week should be considered a good week even with a weight gain!

    However with a good set of scales and using them at the same time of the day it should be a good indicator as to whether or not you have a loss/gain/ stay the same.

  • Some excellent changes and results there JacksonPollock 😊

    3lbs is a lot of weight, I personally don't think you should try for more. The NHS target calories are there for a reason, and you said yourself it felt painless to eat 1600 so why try to eat less??

    With regards to scales, I try to keep mine in the same place, and weigh at the same time of day. I weigh several times a week and note the overall change. 😊

    I'm glad to see you are increasing exercise too, this is important for both physical and mental health.

    Well done on 3 successful weeks 😊

  • To Anna61, sorry I think you have misunderstood me I meant that when I lose weight I will need to reduce my calories, so what is the lowest it will go to??

  • I'm still eating the same, (or very similar) as my exercise has increased and I have greater muscle mass 😊

  • Another excellent point JacksonPollock; we can only reduce intake so far before it doesn't provide the nutrients we actually need.

    That's the reason it is necessary to consider how efficiently our body is using the food we eat; if we eat 'foods' that over-stimulate our production of insulin/IGF-1 our body will be primed to store body-fat and its ability to use fat for fuel will be impaired. Quality is as important as quantity.

  • however apart from magnesium, potassium, vit c and sodium our bodies store most of our micro-nutrients for a very long time we are rarely deficient in any of those so fasting for long periods does not impair the bodies performance in anyway and once feeding begins again those that have been depleted are swiftly restored.

  • Did you notice how many of Butter Bob's obese and people with type 2 were deficient in vitamin D?

  • here in the UK virtually everyone is deficient in Vit D, we can only make it ourselves in sunshine between late March and early Sept, we should all be on vit d supplements

  • However did our ancient ancestors survive without supplements? Did people develop paler skins to enable absorption of more sunlight for vitamin D? Have we been scared away from the natural fat foods that contain fat-soluble vitamins because we undervalue their contribution to our health?

  • ever since Ancel Keys did the the 7 Countries study (conveniently omitting the other 14 countries that didn't fit his profile) and demonised saturated fats, recommending grains and sugar as the healthy alternative, we have seen the explosion in obesity and diabetes (diabesity) all over the western world - this is bankrupting our NHS and our country along with having more and more people who are sick and tired all the time eating the wrong foods.

  • I think whatever you're doing it's working, and you feel it's sustainable, so don't rock the boat by attempting to reduce calories further. I love that you say you can enjoy your favourite sandwich within your current calorie allowance. So definitely stick with what you're doing now so you can keep having things you enjoy.

    Re scales I think they're just all different. Also there are so many factors that lead to fluctuations. I've stuck with my same Argos scales, and got spare batteries from poundland. But they hardly ever need replacing (once a year at most) so don't be afraid of digital. Have a play with the settings. I still like mine to show stones and pounds but you can show pounds only or kgs too. By the way I think it's widely known that doctors scales add about 3lbs on to anyone's weight. Best to stick to just the results from your own scales. Congrats on your 1stone down. Hope you win this month's competition. Maybe your competitor's weight loss might slow down now after their speedy start...

  • No I won't reduce calories further, I can have slightly better weeks where I just have three meals and if I need something sweet I could have a nakd bar! I like my diet at the moment, but when I reduce weight like two more stone I will probably need to eat less to sustain a weight loss, that is all I meant. Many thanks Ruth-canal-runner. Have a good week. Jp.

  • I think if you keep checking the recommended calorie range on the NHS BMI calculator that'll tell you what you need to know. But I found actually it was the reverse. I started with 1400-1500 cals (at 12st) and ended up being able to lose weight on 1800 (at 10st). This was because by the end I became a lot more active. The calorie guide depends on activity levels not just weight... Plus as the weight comes off and fitness increases it becomes easier to be more active :)

  • buttermakesyourpantsfalloff... love this! actually love Butter Bob

  • Very informative, thanks.

  • All sounds good and progress has been made. if you are losing steadily - i would not worry too much about dropping cals at this stage.

    Yes to new scales - but they may give you a different baseline - so bear with. ( I tried the digital ones and could not get on with them).

    It is very inspirational to see your progress

    Good luck and keep going:-)

  • Thanks suzybenj, no I won't drop calories just yet, just worried when I need to! It is my constant worry, that I won't be able to achieve my goals.

  • ps - have you done measurements hips, waist chest( i do thigh, hips, belly button waist and just under my boobs.) Also BMI good to focus on - this comes down in a very pleasing way:-)

  • No I haven't done measurements yet, perhaps I will start, after all I do feel like I have lost inches, well I probably have. The only thing that stopped me is that when I measure myself you have to measure the same exact area other wise it would be different all the time and not very accurate, I'll try again.

  • Morning JacksonPollock

    Hope you like your new shinny 1 stone badge. Well done with losing the 3lbs this week.

    Hope you get those lovely new scales today.


  • Thanks very much yellowrose55.

  • Measurements are good way of tracking overall progress. I put them in My fitness pal - and have a wee hand written tracker.

    I know what you mean on where to measure- so I do as follows:

    BMI - is pretty conclusive once you get your scales sorted - and does give advice on daily calorie allowance. ( but is a bit shocking when you do it)

    Hips - I just go for the biggest bit of my derriere.

    Thighs - same - biggest bit.

    waist - if you measure round your belly button - that is a good marker ( and my biggest bit)

    chest - right under my breasts - so no wriggle room there.

    Do what ever works for you - and you are making good progress....

    Good luck:-)

  • okay belly is 116cm, upper thigh is 72cm, hips 123cm, chest 105cm, arm 39cm. And the new scales say 16 st 7lb so not far out and I still have lost 1 stone, yay!

  • Well done

    Keep going:-)

  • I use the Rosemary Connelly magic measure (it's a tape measure with holes in) it's brilliant as you don't have to write anything down but you can see progress really well.

  • I had forgotten about - thanks for reminder

  • Well done with your 3lb loss - thats fab!

    My scales are ancient and insane and I love them. I do have to weigh myself about 4 times a week to get an overall feel for my weight changes. Also they have quite tightly spaced lines at 2lb intervals, so they are never more accurate than the nearest lb anyway. I have to get on and off them about 5 times because every time its different with a range of about 4lbs!! Just have to do an average. I find it stops me getting too neurotic about it, and i am very at ease with fluctuations.

  • Thanks, I actually bought some digital ones that I am really happy with and they measured me this morning at 16st 6lb, yay still 3lb loss, yay!

  • they are your friend already!!! well done

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