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Fell off the (bakers) wagon today!

MotwCoop1 stone
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In October a one day bread making course sounded like a really good idea. I tried, I really did...I made it home, I photographed, I bagged for the freezer...but I couldn't hold out in the end and have eaten not one but two hot cross buns. Bum! (They were delicious). However, I'm thinking positively - I'd have eaten a whole lot more if I hadn't planned to clock in on here and confess!

I'm also working on the basis that I resisted the quiche at lunchtime and one day out of 19 doesn't feel the end of the world...

Should I fast tomorrow?

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BowieFan601 stone

Ooh they all look so good- I know where you are coming from I love all sorts of bread too..... :) very hard to resist!!! Maybe put them in the freezer and have one of them every Sunday for a treat :)

MotwCoop1 stone
in reply to BowieFan60

Yes, they're all in the freezer now! Those two pesky buns just wouldn't fir in the freezer bag and a woman has her limits!

No, there's no need to fast tomorrow. Besides, calories will have been expended during the preparation, as you worked away in the kitchen kneading all that dough.

MotwCoop1 stone
in reply to MrNiceGuy

True. I did suggest that the croissants were calorie neutral since I'd made them standing up!!

in reply to MotwCoop

And you know exactly what ingredients have been included


Wow! That looks awesome! Well done on only eating two!

Mollydex4 stone

You did so well only having two !! Look sooo good

MotwCoop1 stone
in reply to Mollydex

I've hidden them in the freezer!

Baking is so therapeutic, well done for hiding (most) of the fruits of your labours in the freezer ... I hope you REALLY enjoyed the hot cross buns πŸ˜‰. Tomorrow is a brand new day - make the most of it πŸ’

MotwCoop1 stone

I did!


give flour a rest day, otherwise eat normally 🎈

MotwCoop1 stone
in reply to ary88

Good advice! I actually don't feel so good today - gluten overload I think! OH has planned a night out including meal tonight, I don't want to cancel date-night but I think I'll be sticking to salad!

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