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I am nearly at the end of my first week for healthy eating along with my current exercise plan. I have watched what I have been eating and cut out most of the nasty's, although I have either a 2 fingered KitKat or an orange Club at night around 9 with a cup of tea.

I have been drinking about 4/6 cups of either peppermint tea or Tetley's green tea burst...mmm. Now I only have 2 normal cups of tea with milk and sweetener a day. Before I would have around 8-10 cups.

I wish I had a fairy meal planner to say right this is your meal plan for the following 60 days. If only!!!

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You don't need a fairy planner, you could be your own fairy. Not for 60 days but a week at a time. Since I started my new regime five weeks ago, we have eaten a much more interesting and varied diet, (and much more healthy of course.) It just takes some thought, a list of main meals for the week, using the Hairy Dieters cook book and a few old Weight Watchers recipe books, and write a shopping list so I make sure I have all the ingredients I need. So this week, all from Hairy Dieters, we will have beef stroganoff, chicken tikka, chicken Provençal, haddock and broccoli cheese pots to name a few. Lunches are mainly homemade soups, or homemade coleslaw and ham or cheese, breakfasts porridge with blueberries or eggs in various forms. Loads of fruit to snack on. No biscuits or cake for me although OH does indulge. Of course I occasionally fall off the wagon and eat his chocs, but eating such nice food, I find I'm not craving the treats I used to.

Good luck on your journey anyway.


Thank you for this information it is really nice knowing that there are people out there to fall on for encouragement. I have some weight watcher mags, I also have the latest lean in 15 I like some of the recipes. I will have a look at the Hairy bikers one. Thanks again :)


I could do with one of those too! I don't mind cooking from scratch - it's coming up with ideas that the whole family will like and doesn't take more than 30 mins to cook when we all get home from work or school, I find challenging.

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Me too, I like a variety but no imagination. :)


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