Week Two of 52

Hello all just another weekly report for you to peruse. I have lost a satisfying 4lbs, I weighed myself yesterday as well and I had lost 3lbs. I had a bad day yesterday at lunch, Mum made some bread there were nuts and cheese that got eaten as well - portion control was not there, so I was so full afterwards that I told myself not to have any dinner, which must of paid off as now I have lost another 1lb on top.

So my weight is 16st 9lbs, I need to lose 2 more lbs to get to my first stone for the year, I weigh less then my lightest before Christmas (by 1 lb) and my new bmi is 39.9, so I just go into the under 40s (from the very beginning of the year my bmi was: 42).

I have done a calculation to see what I can do for the year as a long term goal, I worked out that if I lose 2lbs a week until Christmas then I will be down to about 10 stone. It should be doable, it should be motivating if I push myself each week and lose the 2lbs the diet may finish by Christmas. It will probably be slower by when I get closer to that sort of weight, and I may want to stop before 10 stone maybe I will be happy with 12 stone or 11 stone - we'll see - it is good to have a goal.

As for the rest of the week I have dodged hot chocolates and cream and marshmallows which was very difficult I managed to stay the same after mums stew and dumplings - which I have to say is amazing and also very delicious. I have gone on three 1 hr walks.

I hope everyone has a good week weight wise and enjoyment wise too, all the best. jp.


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10 Replies

  • Keep going - it is clearly working.

    I too distract myself with various stats of one thing and another.

    1-2 pounds loss a week is great sustainable loss.

    Good luck:-)

  • Yeah it sure is, thanks very much. Jp.

  • The 3 hour walks sound brilliant and obviously really helping those lbs to come off.

    Yes stew is lovely, homemade, if you can manage to swerve the dumplings all the better. Keep going xx 🍀

  • Thanks jopo, yes the stew was sooo good that I probably could of managed with a lot less dumpling if any at all! jp.

  • Very well done JacksonPollock ☺ some real achievements there ☺

  • Thanks very much Anna61.

  • You sound like you're doing really well and being realistic about it too :) good luck and keep up the good work! 😊

  • Thanks very much Kat96

  • Fantastic! You are doing very well! Good luck with this week!

  • Thanks very much Ibencopenhagen.

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