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Best laid plans

Well best laid plans and all that I had a 5mile walk planned for today to kick start my plan for the week but the gale force wind put paid to that so my friend and I did a cat trail round York its for the tourists really it is cat statues on buildings there are 22 spread all round the City it was fun and we walked 4miles we only found half of them. I will be back to plan a latter this week weather permitting. Onwards and downwards.

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I know what you mean with the weather it's really windy out there.

That sound like a fun way to get some exercise looking for all the cat statues round York. We had Owls in Birmingham last summer for everyone to find.


At least you did something, so well done,shows that your mind is thinking in the right way...xx


Ooh that sounds fun! Glad the gales didn't put you off completely :)


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