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I missed my post yesterday, it was a good day for me. I didn't feel hungry at all. I had three meals there was no need to snack at all. It was a good day overall, I am loving my plan at the moment, onwards and downwards is what I would say due to the fact that this relates to weight lost - don't want to go upwards not at all. Have a lovely day everyone, I will write my usual evening update later.

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What a lovely positive post and I agree with you about not wanting to go upwards, although I have learned to look at the big picture and not mind a few little upward fluctuations these days as long as the big picture is a downwards trend. That has helped me to stay positive at times when I would previously have panicked and even given up. My Christmas "fluctuation" has already gone so I am chuffed to bits! x

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Well done you sound so positive and on track, keep up the good work


I will


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