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Hi. I have been following posts for some time now and intend to start counting calories on the 1 January.

Meanwhile I am trying to not have too many treats over the holiday period and going for a walk every day.

I have downloaded and printed off the 12 week plan. Is there a way that I can work out how many calories I need each day to lose weight.

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Hello and welcome, the best way to count calories is to get bmr calculator,which can be found online, enter your weight and your activiity levels, it then should give you the options to maintain, lose or gain weight. It may be wise to choose one that opts for losing weight tho.

Lots of help out there , enjoy your journey!



that takes you to the nhs calculator x


Hi Linky and welcome to the forum

Read the newbie thread as loads of information on there. On the 12 week plan there is the link to the BMI healthy weight calculator - same one that Claz posted a link too :)

Be honest with it and it will give you a range of calories to enable you to loose weight. To start with try and go near the top of the range and see how you get on, then as you loose weight you will have to recalculate as you will require less calories the more weight you loose.

Wishing you all the best on your journey :)


Hi Linky . :-)

Definitely use the BMI calculator, really useful tool. I am back on the wagon soon...I feel sluggish and somewhat bloated after Christmas eating, actually looking forward to getting back to healthier eating again!

Good luck on your weight loss journey!


Hi Linky, good luck on your journey. I use fitness pal app as well. This also asks you the relevant questions and asks how much you'd like to use each week, min Cals per day etc. You can also work out the cams from what you're eating as well.

Either way NHS tools and blogs really help.



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