I want to apologize for my last message. I woke up felt better after writing into the forum getting it off my chest and did well with food. Today was a good day. I was just frustrated why I can't live the way I did today in control it felt so good!!. I guess I am tired of being 235 lbs 80lbs overweight. And battling the Christmas season. I guess I am tired of being tired. And carrying that amount of weight is very tiring. I am going to see if I can see my dietitian between boxing day and new years worth a try. My apologies. Tomorrow is a new day. ps I did well with meals today but I had second plate of homemade macaroni and cheese not to big but that is ok. So I have 3 days of maintaining good eating. As I am writing that I wonder why I went off the handle like that. Go figures!!..


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14 Replies

  • Not seen your other pst - but we all have bad days and at least we feel we can vent here and not be judged for falling off the wagon, the fact you are back on the wagon is a good thing and you will be better for venting and letting it out

    Loads of love n us and wishing you a better week next week ( ooo hold on I expect we will all fail a day next week with it being Christmas, but just start he next day as a new day and you / we can overcome this)

    All the best x x

  • thank-you to you as well. And I will have a better day tomorrow. I am going shopping even though my Christmas shopping done. I still like being around shoppers doing there Christmas. shopping frenzy. a weird rush I know but it also puts me in spirit of the season. And you are right we will overcome this!!!. A new year is coming instead of fretting over the holiday season and goodies we indulge . It really is the season to enjoy family and friends.

  • There's certainly no need to ask for permission to use the forum as a sounding board, since that's the main reason it seeks to exist.

    Moreover, by regularly expressing your concerns and frustration, it allows others to suggest ideas that may be beneficial to your cause.

    If it's of any comfort, you can rest assured that you're certainly not alone when it comes to managing the excess that the festive season seems to encourage.

    Although diet may not be as wholesome, by ensuring that daily calorie intake falls beneath TDEE over the festive period, in addition to exercising as frequently as possible, you can continue to enjoy moments of indulgence without worrying about weight gain.

  • Thank- you!!

  • thank-you Mrniceguy..I do enjoy your messages and they are now getting in my brain and use them in my lifestyle of retraining my thinking. I have a thick head haha. Takes awhile. I am going to have a better day tomorrow and a new year is coming and a fresh new lifestyle. Going shopping tommorrow and have my coffee craving at McDonalds and watch with that great coffee at the other christmas shoppers . You see I have mine done. thanks

  • You don't have a thick head at all, Wadestreet; you're simply learning new skills, as well as new things about yourself, that'll hopefully serve you well going forward.

  • Lovely to hear from you that you are feeling more positive. As for saying "sorry" - well you have nothing to be sorry about!!! I am sure that I will be venting on the forum shortly and the lovely peeps will just pat my head again and say "There there" and other helpful things!!! Enjoy your non shopping day :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi Wadestreet,

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, and I hope you enjoy your shopping trip today. The forum is helpful as a sounding board, like MrNiceGuy said, and as cracker10 and Marylou54 said, we all have our moments when things are more challenging - and having support at such moments can really help us put things in perspective and enjoy the remainder of the week.

    I think you're doing really well and I hope you'll enjoy your weekend.

    I can imagine it will be a busy day out and about today - lots of shoppers and festive colours and lights. Enjoy it!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Gets to u all....don't apologize....I feel your pain....

  • Hi I am glad you feel positive today and hope you enjoy your shopping, that walking will do you a power of good, I love shopping at Christmas time even if I don't buy anything it's such a sparkly, happy time.

    We all have ups and downs and we are all here to help so no worries over using the forum to have a little moan etc.

    I am hoping to enjoy the festive season and keep in moderation unlike my usual Christmas I will just tell the family to cellotape my mouth up LOL!!!

    Have a good day and enjoy your shopping trip.🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  • That is a good idea cellotape hahaha Merry Christmas!!!

  • I like your comment about tomorrow is a new day... but I also think this morning can be // is a fresh start.

    Most of us have days that don't go as we would like, I sometimes 'sabotage' myself and then wonder why I drank another glass of wine, ate yet another slice of toast with cheese etc.....etc.... but today is another fresh start. Good luck with the dietician.

  • I didn't see your other post but please don't apologise we are all here to support each other and if you feel you need to get something off of your chest then no one minds We all go through bad days

    So you just take lots of care and I'm sure your dietician will help you 😃


    Did you see this inspiring post above yours?

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