Challenge 2 for week 2

In my first weight loss week i challenged myself to try and manage my 10,000 as many of the days as i could. I achieved 5 out of 7.

Seeing as this is my second week my next challenge is to achieve 10,000 for each of those days. I find it enjoyable and not too wearing provided i provide my body with sufficient fuel. I am pacing myself and careful not to overexert myself.

How are you all getting on with your exercising and what is your chosen fitness activity? At the moment i am mainly using my stepper which has been great and really gets a sweat on.

Would love to hear other ways to burn the pounds!


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6 Replies

  • Hi g33kgirl86,

    Congratulations on all the steps! I'm finding it really hard to get them all in!

    I do a lot of walking about during the day but not always got my fone with me as I leave it on the side once I've walked the dogs.

    But I go and feed the sheep and feral cats, play football with the dogs on the way back and then general mooching about.

    Then every other day I will be doing the kettle bell workout.

    I started that Friday so it's my day off today. So glad it is as my thighs are pinching so bad from the squats!

    Keep up the good work. We will be rewarded with a beautiful body 😀😇 we hope!

  • Hi Jen,

    Fantastic that your week has gone so well. Great that you've set yourself a challenge for this week too - and good luck with it! You're doing so well. :-)

    I am hoping to get back to the gym again, as I've not been for ages - I have been out for a 5km run this afternoon, and I hope to do another run sometime in the week as well. In the gym, I enjoy running on the treadmill, using the cross-trainer, and also the bike. Sometimes the hill-climber machine - although never for more than 5 minutes, as it tires me out! :-)

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi

    Well this week I have bought a new CD Frankie V and 4 Seasons love love love it - so I have been dancing round the house like nobody's watching. Unfortunately for them they are 😎 😶

  • I'm loving going to gym & swimming at the moment... I do zumba & kettlebell classes as well.. but i love been in the pool the most.. I get some arm weights and jog across the pool & do some lunges as well as swimming lengths.. x

  • As one who has sworn by the use of the StairMaster for over twenty years, as a means of maintaining/improving fitness, as well as the continual development of muscular mass and strength of the legs, since you've decided to use your home stepper, you can rest assured that it'll continue to serve you well in your aim to sculpt and trim.

    Furthermore, to hear that you'd lost 7lbs in your first week by incorporating its use isn't of great surprise, since the muscles of your legs will have repeatedly worked against resistance with each step, while ensuring that your core remained engaged throughout, to maintain balance.

    However, if you begin to develop concerns over an increase in the size of your legs, rest assured this only temporary, since its continued use will leave you with a wonderfully defined set of legs, once the fat currently covering the muscle has been used to fuel and exceed your target of 10,000 steps.

    Use of the stepper will also ensure that your legs possess the muscular endurance to progress to activities such as running, should it be a personal goal.

  • Hig33kgirl186 yesterday i did 14130 steps i was very active yesterday somewhere on the site someone mentioned Leslie Sansone walking workouts i tried the 3 mile one it was an achievable exercise for me as i have a herniated disc. I mostly do body toning and cycle on the odd occasion as i could do this at home meant i could introduce more cardio workout into my routine. I wish i could remember who mentioned this on the site its made a big difference how i can do different workouts without getting bored and to say a big thank you to her.

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