Birthday boy

Hey everyone hope u will all fine today is just my birthday and hope u all wish my I just make some promise to myself that I will not act negative I will not care what people's say about me or mocking on my hair lost head and belly fat , I will think beyond on that I will try to eat clean and train dirty .I hope I will look hot someday when I lost my belly fat I don't have hair in my head I lost my hair that is my biggest regret but I will try to tone my body and hope so that soon I got in relationship with some one ...hope all of u endorsed and appreciate my steps on my birthday love u all!


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9 Replies

  • Hi Saad619,

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday! I hope your Birthday is going well, and that you also have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Saad619 sorry it's a. It late just want to wish you a very very happy birthday ,pam

  • Its fine thanks u

  • Happy birthday Saad619 and it lovely to see you so positive 😀 with the right attitude you can ... AND WILL !! achieve your weight loss then everything else should follow x

  • Thanks a lot

  • Many happy returns, Saad. Hope you're having a great day!

    However, it's great to hear that you've returned to the forum with a renewed sense of determination to succeed, leaning upon the support, advice and encouragement that it can provide as you seek eat clean in the kitchen and train hard in the gym.

  • Happy birthday, Saad619! Hope your day went fantastic! Glad you are in a very possitive mood. Enjoy the weekend.

  • Happy belated birthday 🎉

  • Hi Saad whatever you want to be you can be with sheer determination. Its so nice to see you are ready to help yourself to get there 👍 you will find people along the way that may not give encouragement but if so ignore it and pop back on here we all help each other. Carry on going to the gym I don't even go so you are one up on me anyway, eat healthy, get encouragement from the forum and think next week I will be fitter, thinner and you will soon see people see you in a different light, smile and that elusive female companion you are looking for won't be too far away.

    Hope you had a fab birthday and keep up your good work to improve yourself.

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