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No Holiday Weight Gain HOORAY

Back from 10 days in Iceland and although the food I did have was absolutely stunning, I'm really pleased that I didn't put on any weight. Phew! It was strange not doing my 10k steps a day, but soon got used to it :)

Seems I am learning how to eat correctly sized portions again.... and only 1 bag of crisps, between the 2 of us, eaten over 2 days..... how the heck I managed that I don't know!

Did have my first taste of Langoustine, fresh of course and delicious and I think only one dessert the whole holiday, which was a cheesecake like I've never eaten before.... I won't go into details, it'll just make you hungry! Loved Iceland, but think it'll take some time to save up for a return holiday.

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Glad you had such a lovely holiday and very well done on not gaining any weight 😊 You have obviously learnt good habits 😊😊😊


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