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I have become that person... :/ I had a dream about going for a really nice run. I dreamt I could go for miles without stopping and felt incredible after. (Definitely a dream haha) but nevertheless I woke this morning with such an urge to run! I never go on my own and haven't been for a good couple of weeks because of the dark cold weather but today is a day off for me so I had a blissful morning with a relaxed mindfulness session and I'm now off out for my solitary run! Wish me luck!

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Sounds like a perfect day off 😊👟😊 enjoy


You're going to love it, Lherring! :)


I'm sure that the wonderfully crisp late-autumn weather of recent days may have encouraged you to dream about running endlessly, hence the reason you felt encouraged to step outside and enjoy it.

During winter months, since those crisp, sunny days are largely rare, they ought to be seized upon, particularly if they coincide with days off; I'm so disappointed the forecast is set to be cloudy in the north-east over the weekend, as I'd have loved to take in my regular village route beneath wintry blue skies tomorrow.

Still, despite my jealousy (only joking), I sincerely hope that you enjoyed stepping outdoors, embracing the chill. Did you run further than you'd anticipated?


The weather was gorgeous. We have a lovely lake just outside our front door so I only ran round the lake but it was beautiful. I even took some photos but I don't know how to post them!

I ran probably about what I usually do which isn't far and unlike my dream I did have to keep stopping but I'm ok with that, gave me an excuse to take in the lovely surroundings! :)


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