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Celery success

It was that tricky part of the day. Hungry after work, dinner in the oven. Wanting something 'now!' I had 3 celery sticks. I do like a bit of celery, usually I would eat it smothered in houmous. But, this was naked. At 2 calories a stick, I didn't hold out much hope. But, joy of joy's, it's watery fibrous bulk did the job and I got through to tea with no further snacking. The ravenous beast was dated, I didn't blow my calorie allowance and I enjoyed my evening meal. Success!

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Dated should have said sated. Must check posts more carefully 😀


Well done! That's my difficult time too 😊


I'm a big celery fan too, Benlucysam! I eat it by the bucket load! :D

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