I've lost my way!

Had a very stressful weekend and ate a whole bag of maltesers (not a small bag) on Saturday and an entire "molten lava mug cake" yesterday. I didn't keep track of my calories at all! I also over ate on my portions for lunch and dinner and just sort of ate whatever I wanted. I didn't go crazy but definitely just lost my way in amongst the craziness and stress. Anyway. today has been a better day and I'm back on it! but a bit rubbish to have ruined the weekend without even thinking! here's to a better week ahead :)

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  • Hi Kinbun , I've done that so often myself - I do really like maltesers & have often munched through a big bag . That & multipacks of crisps are my down fall.

    Well done for starting afresh today & good luck

  • Hence why I favour pocket packs seems easier

  • I've tried to share the packets out into smaller portions but end up eating more smaller packets .

    I either don't buy any or a individual standard size bag so I get my treat & can't over indulge

  • Whatever you find easiest 😊

  • 😜

  • Thank you :)

  • You remind me of me over the last few days, I overate by 700 cals fri, and yesterday it started so well, brioche bun, and butter, 2 apples, mini crispy cakes so far so good..........lunch out 6oz ( too big ) flat iron steak, 3 jumbo prawns, chips and salad, small pineapple juice, then ban offer pie and cream.

    Later smoked salmon and cream cheese roll, and an Aldi mini Choc bar, I reckon I must have had about 3,000 cals, stupidly ate too much, life is for living and st times we have these moments!

    Wishing you a better week, remember lots of us ate badly a lot before we started to lose weight, take care x

  • All that food does sound delicious though! we are definitely our own worst enemies when it comes to weight loss. But I agree we can't be good all of the time - I'm just used to having planned indulgences rather than mindless ones! At least the weekend is over now and we can move on! :) goodluck with your week!

  • Thanks, it's going to be ok

  • Wishing you all the best for the week ahead

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi Kinbun, don't panic! =) My opinion, not very well-informed, is thus - and please feel free community to disagree with me.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, it's about the long-term picture. I've screwed up many times myself - snaffled a very large bag of Tyrrels crisps.

    Now, that didn't make eating those crisps OK, nor is it an excuse for me. However, the important thing is to draw a line under it and try again tomorrow. I feel the worst thing you can do is feel guilty for it - it happens - this road is not a straight one but one with bumps. It's OK to let go sometimes. Nobody's perfect.

    Hopefully, this is about getting it right more times than wrong, and through having setbacks we learn and move on from them.

    The best of luck this week to you.

  • Well that def is true, the long term pic needs to be generally good tho for weight loss to be achieved

  • Thank you for your lovely response :) it definitely is about getting it right more often than getting it wrong. I will try to have a better week! good luck to you for your week too :)

  • I think many of us have a few days like that , welcome back :-)

    What is a molten lava cake ?

  • Thank you :) it's just a melt in the middle gooey chocolate cake x

  • Gosh. Gorgeous

  • Unfortunately it is! :p best avoided or at least shared. not worth the impact on weight loss though!

  • Hi Kinbun, I have had these sort of spells you are saying about. Mine is Jaffa cakes. I see an offer of 24 for the price of 12 and I fall for it every time. But don't despair, in time I hVE managed to see a red light, even after buying and left them alone in a different tin, stying they are for visitors. I have managed now tostop at three when I am weak-willed and say it is taking the place of my treat for the day and I HAVE to find an extra exercise. Pleased to say I have reached my goal today and I don't want to get back to the time I was struggling to lose the last half stone. Good luck, try and find a new form of exercise if you can that should help.

  • Congratulations on reaching your goal!! Well done! :) well done also for saying no to those jaffa cakes! I actually can't even buy them as I find them too addictive!

    Thank you for your advice :)

  • Thank you for posting this Kinbun you have just described my life since I decided to lose weight which has had the result that my weight has actually gone up! I keep trying to draw the line and start again and then I end up sabotaging my days usually with red wine and crisps, so pleased I appear not to be alone. I didn't join in the Monday am weigh in yesterday as I was disgusted with myself for having added yet another 1lb. I am going on holiday to New York for 5 days so I am going to enjoy that then draw a final line and start again. Good luck everyone with your journeys

  • It is really hard to draw a line under and start out new. Sorry to hear you've not been having a great time of it - it definitely is not just you! :) Sorry to hear you didn't join in on the weigh in. If you did disclose in the thread that you had gained lb and how you felt about it, you'd get lots of lovely supportive suggestions and advice :)

    My vice is definitely chocolate, and I've been going over the top with allowing myself to have it everyday (usually within my calories but not always).

    Are you trying to change too much at once? maybe that is why you are self sabotaging? :)

    Maybe try baby steps? limit yourself to two glasses of wine a week instead of cutting it out altogether? and try having crisps every other day instead of daily? just some thoughts.

    Have a lovely lovely time away and fingers crossed for your fresh weight loss start when you come back :)

  • Thank you Kinbun your lovely post has made me quite emotional I don't deserve your kindness but I will take your advice after my holiday. Thank you I will enjoy my break I have never been to USA

  • You're welcome and of course you deserve lots of kindness! :)

  • Thank you (smiley face) I can't do emojis

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