14 days today

I cannot believe 2 weeks today I have not binged. it has been years ago since I did this. I feel numb as how to feel so happy I could cry or just act normal to continue on. I did have a bad day yesterday I came very close in binging but trying to work on a new positive outlook I walked twice once with a friend and out with a friend. I know I need to work on my sugar yesterday was a wake up call. I am going to bring in fruit to replace sugary desserts I will go shopping today for the fruit. I thought bananas for a week then say apples. Thanks for your support I could not have done this without you guys for the encouragement and understanding. Now to start to on my 3 week. it will not be easy working on taking out desserts from my meal planning. Time will tell. lol


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10 Replies

  • Hi Wadestreet,

    I think it is fantastic that you've managed 2 weeks and you're doing so well. Really great to hear! You coped very well yesterday, and it was good that you went for a walk - once with your friend and once without.

    I hope you find some nice fruits on your shopping trip today, and I'd like to wish you a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi well done on your positive mind set for not binging.

    Do you like jelly? You could make some small jellies with fruit in them as a desert or fruit in with frozen youghurt as a desert. Personally I just love a plain old fruit salad, come back all you summer fruits!!!

  • That is a marvellous achievement well done 👍

  • Well done on a great start! I love sugary puddings too, and a couple of times over the past week have caught myself prowling through the cupboards....luckily there's nothing to find at the moment! ! I make lots of sugar free jelly, and also homemade frozen yoghurt lollies which are less than 60cal and really sort out my sweet cravings. I've also started getting more interesting fruit like melons and persimmon so it feels more like a dessert than a quick snack. I If you love puddings perhaps it's better to find something you can enjoy whilst still following the plan, rather than deprive yourself and maybe find it harder to sustain long term? Good luck to for week 3 (same as me!)

  • That is great!! I want to start with good old fruit. If I dab into jelly or puddings right now I will eat the whole thing knowing it is sugar free. I do not believe that I have done well with regular sugary desserts. Well I should not say that Sunday I had a bad day so it came to a head and then I knew I had work on my sugar substance. I have been given great suggestions. I just want to start with bananas with peanut butter which is fulling. Good luck to you for your 3rd week.!!

  • You too - sounds like we both might be sugar addicts!! Banana with peanut butter sounds very very good by the way

  • Why thank-you! I have to let you guys know I am not much a cook haha. My sister is the cook/baker in the family . And apple and peanut butter is excellent as well Then I could lean on you then.

  • Well done for not succumbing to the urge and putting something else into its place :-) So happy for you :-) :-)

  • Thank-you. I never in my wildest dreams that I could of that done even a couple months ago. It just the past year I have working on myself abit at a time. some things are falling into place. I will probably have to lean on you guys a bit getting off a sugar like everybody else it is a addictive substance to get off. Thanks!!!

  • Tiny steps are all you need ..... Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and all that stuff and you have taken lots already :-) :-) This is the second time I've referred to this today (first time was with regard to daughter's partner ....) so perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me something too!!! :-)

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