Good Morning. I was given very good tip. To start feeling even mentally better is to start cutting back on desserts. I know this would be a big step for me and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner to. But I know deep down that I should be cutting back the desserts and get myself prepared for Christmas and not to binge on the Holiday season where sugar is my drug of choice. Maybe I will start tomorrow and have a goal of taking out 3 desserts this week. No I am going to start cutting out 3 desserts this week and no specific days and that way I will feel normule. bye for now lol


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7 Replies

  • Hi Wadestreet,

    Trying to cut certain things out and at certain levels is the way forward - it worked for me!

    Have a great week,

    Rob :P

  • I struggle with sweet things, I love chocolate and have stopped buying sweet goodies and keeping them in the house as I just cannot be trusted. Now I only have a treat when I'm out but the craving is always with me. I just focus on the old a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips, after all I do need to loose weight. Good luck x

  • Denial leads to bingeing in my book, so I go for healthy swaps where possible.

    A low-fat fromage frais will give me the sensation of having had something sweet without being loaded with calories. A baked apple with a small amount of custard, a fat-free sponge on top of fruit with a small portion of ice-cream, a pancake with a slice banana and grated chocolate on top.

    These sort of desserts allow me to not feel "deprived" the point where I might crack and head for the nearest Tiramisu!

  • I agree. It really helps to feel you've had a dessert, then you really feel like you've finished your meal. There's loads of fruit based, sugar free jelly or yogurt based options. Also I really like having a small amount of very dark chocolate. You can't have as much in one go as it's so rich but it scratches my dessert itch nicely :)

  • that is what I need to do I ate 3 large sugar cookies at lunch and then I wanted to binge on pure sugar. But I had to call a friend to go for a walk so that helped a bit and I took no money with me. And I had 4 free small coffees at Mcdonalds to stop the craving. We went through drive thru. And now I am home and now I want to eat again but I feel better to you and hopefully I stay safe and not go out. I was thinking exchanging desserts to apples or bananas. Small plain piece of fruit. I am so surprised I wanted to binge espically after 2 weeks of eating regular meals and night time snack it effect me that way. I know my way of thinking that if I had only 2 cookies I would have been ok and not over the top and I had eggs, bacon,hash brown and 2 rice cakes with peanut butter. that was on my mine for the morning and not refusing the 3 cookie put me over the top. I can and will get through this day. I only the evening to get through. thanks

  • I have changed chocolate to dark chocolate , ice cream to frozen yoghurt , I make sugar free jelly and home made crumbles. This worked for me :-)

  • Do not beat yourself up sugar is addictive, you will need to break the chemical bond. Three dessert a week is sensible try lollipop's sugar free if you need something sweet they last a time. One a day. Dark chocolate is really good for you. Sugar free jelly as some have mentioned work. Best wishes keep us posted.

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