Dogs mini challenge

Dogs mini challenge

I'd like to introduce you to Amber, our 11 year old rescue lurcher. She enjoys her walks, but I think would prefer to stay cuddled up on the sofa. She's the first dog we've had who has been allowed onto the furniture, probably because we've never been able to stop her. I don't think she realises she's a dog - she much prefers people. She loves a cwtch and has to either be next to you or behind you, so you have to perch on the edge of the seat and can't sit back properly on the sofa.

At night she lives up to the reputation of lurchers as 'royal bed warmers' and sleeps in my daughter's bed - under the covers, or mine if the door is left open. Again she has to be touching you, so if you roll onto your side you can't then turn onto your back because she's snuggled up behind you - a great cure for snoring. She's very slim, but still good to cuddle.

She was a gift from my husband for my 40th birthday and if I moan about her I'm told I don't appreciate my present.

Amber is a great companion and was company for my husband when he had to retire due to ill health 4 years ago after being diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. He isn't mobile enough now to take her out, but I don't mind walking her as some days it's the only chance I get to leave the house and get some fresh air and exercise.

She's a great listener and has been there through some tough times. Sorry for the ramble.


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19 Replies

  • Oh she is beautiful 😀

  • She looks so comfy and no one could resist those eyes. Am I right in thinking you are in Wales? Cwtch is a word I hear often when I visit my son.

  • Yes, Cardiff. Trying to help my daughter revise for a Welsh oral tomorrow, but a bit difficult as I don't speak Welsh, other than a few phrases.

  • I love Cardiff. My son is in Penarth and I visit every summer. I'm looking forward to having him back in Scotland for a few days before Christmas. I don't envy you your task helping your daughter revise! I try to learn one new welsh word every year. Not exactly ambitious am I? What uni is she at?

  • She was fortunate enough to get into Cardiff to study physiotherapy, but lives in halls. She calls in on her way to her Sunday job and usually brings me washing. Penarth is great - we used to take the girls to the pier when they were little, or to the barrage and the marina.

  • My son used to stay in the marina area but is in another part of Penarth now. I love Cardiff Bay. My son taught at Cardiff uni fo some years but is in Bristol now.

  • These dogs are wonderful and come to us at just the right times in our lives. She is gorgeous.

  • She is. I'd be lost without her and the cats, especially since our eldest daughter went to uni in September.

  • I've only got my rescue cat Charlie but he has changed incredibly in the 5 years I've had him from a paranoid, scared animal who would not sit anywhere near me to one that sleeps on my bed, head butts me for his food and generally rules the roost! Lovely to experience. Actually given e an idea for another photo to post!!!

  • The love from a cat is very special, they're far more discerning than dogs.

  • Dogs are lovely company

  • They are - sometimes she follows you from sofa to sofa, but it's nice to feel loved.

  • She's lovely and obviously such a comfort to you 💕

  • What a beauty you are Pasha. It's lovely to hear all about her and the difference she had made to you.

  • Beautiful and so pleased she is a lovely companion for your husband 😍

  • Aww she is lovely and no matter what you tell her she will never grass you up lol. I tell my dogs allsorts especially when moaning about my other half.

  • Oh, so special. Beautiful girlie. 😊😊

  • Hi PashaW,

    Amber looks absolutely gorgeous! What a lovely entry!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Amber is so majestic and I bet she's ten times better than a hot water bottle :D :D :D

    300 bonus points awarded. Thanks for the photo and participating in the challenge!

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