Dogs mini challenge (ish?)

Dogs mini challenge (ish?)

I'm not sure if this counts but it is original work on my part.

The theme of this evening opened up a whole festering can of emotions I have long learned to bury with comfort food; it may certainly be relevant to the forum but instead of posting a great essay of that experience let me focus on the positives that went into this sketch.

This was Ben, also known as Benbo boggins and a few other names. He wove himself into my life as a friend's border collie in typical collie fashion, as a master, overt at times and yet subtle at others, manipulator of people. A great friend in unspoken ways, a trusted companion in the harsh-at-times conditions of Cumbria.

We shared many a mountain scape together, just us, the rain, the path and the walk.


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10 Replies

  • Beautiful words: Beautiful sketch. x

  • Lovely sentiment, talented drawing!

  • Fantastic what a talent you have

  • Wow, Lofters - this is brilliant!!! What a great entry. Your portrait of Ben is wonderful. A great entry! :-)

  • Thank you for this post - sentiments were as beautifully expressed as the drawing was sketched.

  • A stunning drawing - what talent. And an amazing tribute, beautifully written.

  • Beautiful, you are very talented I think. 👍😊

  • Lovely story. My friend had a collie and we didn't dare fall behind on a hill walk or Tess was at our heels rounding us up!

  • Beautiful words to a dear Boo that has pass over the Rainbow Bridge. You art work is amazing thank for sharing. Darn rascals worm themselves so into our hearts and leave far to quickly. Would not give up a second for will see another day with rails wagging as the await.

  • It certainly counts Lofters

    What a lovely drawing of Ben - you are very talented. Maybe its time for you to get another four legged pal to accompany you on your walks in Cumbria?

    300 bonus points awarded :) :)

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