Disaster Strikes

So just when everything was starting to come together, time to plan meals and get back into an exercise routine disaster strikes.

Travelling home from a course on the train I had an accident whereby my knee went out of alignment. I was just as horrible and painful as you could imagine. After being taken from the train to the nearest hospital by ambulance I still don't know the extent of my injuries until I've had an MRI scan. Needless to say I'm on crutches, can't walk, can't drive and am pretty much confined to my house. So standing exercise is out of the question as currently have so little movement in my knee.

The only bonus is I can't get to and from the kitchen so there's no risk of comfort snacking!

How this is going to affect my weight loss over the coming weeks is anyone's guess. What I am going to try very hard to do is not gain any weight. But until I can stand without crutches even weighing myself will be a challenge 😰


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11 Replies

  • Hi Sportygirl,

    How awful that you've had that accident with your knee, and I hope that you'll have an MRI scan soon, so you can learn the extent of your injuries. In the meantime, I hope you cope with the enforced confinement to your home - hope you are warm and cosy there, and that you have things to read and occupy your mind. I hope you've got someone who can help you out and look after you.

    Take it easy and wishing you a good weekend, inspite of everything.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Zest. My husband and kids are looking after me, and I've got lots of knitting and cross stitch to do. It's just the worst thing for someone who enjoys exercise and being out and about so much. Fortunately I can work from home in the week, but I suspect it's going to be a long rehab for something that happened in seconds

  • Oh you poor thing....that is a nasty accident to have happened just when you were getting into being more active.

    Now you must make a promise to that poor knee that you will reduce it's workload; work on the calorie counting, and keep busy with non-food related things - write letters, keep busy with the knitting, crochet, listen to music, watch films, read books - anything to keep your mind busy and distracted.

    Everytime you feel peckish, have a hot cup of tea (fruit teas or spicy cinnamon chai teas are good) and if you really must nibble, have a bag of dried fruit to hand rather than crisps or biscuits.

    Hope your knee recovers quickly - strap it up well and support it with cushions while you are resting it. Take care...

  • such great advice

  • I'm sorry to hear about your accident, hope you find out soon what can be done to help your injured knee. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  • Thanks DartmoorDumpling I'm definitely going to have mint tea when I'm peckish, what a good idea. I'm taking a lot of codeine at the moment which deadens the appetite, but also slows down the digestive system.

    I'm definitely not going to be running before I can walk! In all the years of playing sport and all the injuries I've had this is definitely the worst and most incapacitated I've been outside of pregnancy.

    My husband has gone to buy me a shower stool this morning so I can wash safely. Now I know how my Aunt is feeling as she waits for her knee replacement

  • Oh no, sorry about your accident! Hope you recover really soon x

  • Oh no! Sounds painful 😢 Have they given any indication of how long you will need to recuperate?

    Healing takes time and you are right to not attempt to lose weight. 😊 Rest and recovery are more important.

    I understand how annoying it can be, I'm about 3 months after a hysterectomy and have successfully maintained my weight, and although it's a frustrating set back to weight loss, I'm trying to see the bigger picture 😊

    Best wishes and get well soon 😊

  • Hi Anna61

    I've got to see my GP tomorrow. Was a nightmare because the accident happened on a train back from a work course and the ambulance had to meet the train at the next stop. So I got taken to a hospital away from my home (ironically one I used to work at). So they basically X-rayed my knee for fractures and sent me on my way with a pair of crutches and a packet of codeine.

    The swelling has gone down quite a lot today - although gets worse as the day goes on. Won't know the extent or time for recouperation until I've had an MRI scan.

    Just glad I can work from home otherwise I'd have to be off sick.

  • Take care 😊 Lucky you can work from home but it's important to rest too 😊 Get better soon 😊

  • Very true as the day passes the swelling does get worse. So sorry about the accident and for a active individual so much more difficult. Blessing you can work from home and have hobbies you enjoy to keep your hands busy. Plus you can not really manage to get around to the fridge or cabinets. Have your loving family make you a relish tray to munch on during the day will help with with the munchies. Good luck with the MRI and finding out the result keep all posted.

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