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Thank goodness the weekend is over!!

So it was the boyfriends birthday on Friday and I'm blaming it for everything!

Thursday I did a small fun buffet for dinner, over calories by 350.

Friday a meal out just the two of us,over calories by at least 500.

Saturday fireworks and bbq with my family, 200 calories over (bread rolls! argh!)

Sunday a meal out with his family. I lost count of how many calories I had. I had soup for starter but didn't eat more than half of it as it was gross. had a burger with salad (no fries hooray!) and didn't eat the bun because it was soggy. and then because my meal had been so rubbish I gave in and had a pudding.. which was also rubbish. bad karma for giving in!!

So... I'd imagine I ate enough bad things to gain at least 2lbs just since friday (great way to start my fourth week!).

However, it was just one week/end and now it's over.

Started today with lots of exercise and a big walk around town! Have some hula hooping planned for later on as well :)

I had an Americano in town today instead of a Christmas hot chocolate and just had half a tin of soup and two ryvitas for lunch :) I had already forgotten how good it feels to be in control and it feels great today!

Going to have to be quite strict with myself this week with minimal treats to try and make up for the weekend! will be shocked if I lose when I weigh on Friday but would be happy to maintain!

Anyway, rambling over, I hope everyone has had a good weekend with more control than myself! :)

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Wow - sounds like it was a fun packed few days

It's behind you now and you are looking forward, just don't try to compensate too much by not eating enough for the next few days :)

Good luck for the rest of the week ahead, onwards and downwards :)


Thanks :) it's so easy to want to over compensate in that way by not eating enough but I'm just going to make sure i focus on healthy choices! :)

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Even though you feel you over indulged you kept a handle on by how much - and now you're doing your best to compensate - that certainly doesn't sound like losing the plot. Throughout life there will always be occasions which are hefty on the calorie front, the trick is working round them and compensating when necessary

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Well said Annabella, you had a wonderful weekend a reason for celbration, your back on the band wagon but slowly horsey NO golliping to cut down.


Thanks :) I'm not overdoing it on the cutting down :)


Good job!


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