Motivation has been a real problem for me. I've been thinking about losing weight for over a year and a half but I don't usually get past the first couple of weeks- if I don't see results I give up. Been doing the 12 week plan and I am now starting week 3. Ive lost 5 lbs already and I'm chuffed to bits! I feel like my target is so achievable now! I've just got to hold on to this feeling!

Wishing you guys all the best! X


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  • Thank.that is so promising.

  • Hi Gina,

    Welcome Back! I see you last posted in May - so I hope you are doing well!

    Hopefully, if you get back stuck in with the forum - your motivation will continue! WTG you for losing 5lbs so far!! :D

    Hopefully, we'll see you at the weigh in tomorrow!

    Rob :)

  • That is fantastic news, GinaBury. If you have motivation problems, don't look at the WHOLE task (eg. Having, say, 4 stone to lose). Look at the first 1 stone and tackle that. You can also deal with 1 day at a time if you need too! It is whatever works for you. In any week where the scales don't budge, take your measurements, and I bet they will have changed instead. Weight loss is a funny old beast! Remember, baby steps! Good luck.

  • Hi, I have just downloaded the programme and I'm about to go shopping, any tips would be gratefully received. Good luck with this week your post has spurred me on X

  • Glad to hear this :) I think with me it was about portion size. I was eating way too big a portion before. I also eat quite quickly so I've been slowing down so I don't over eat. I've been doing at least 10 mins of exercise a day and I'm going to increase that gradually (I am fairly active during the day anyway). I think it's important to keep exercise goals manageable at the start. Also, if I want a snack I've been going for low fat popcorn. It's yummy!

  • Great exercise tip. 10 minutes is manageable and not too intimidating . will give it ago.

  • Thank you, 😊

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