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Mission to lose!

Hi, I'm Sarah

On a mission to lose weight before my 40th birthday in 6 months, without weighing myself I'm not sure how much I need to lose but I'm guessing 3 stone. I have never been back to my weight I was when I was 18 before I had my first son. To achieve this now would be my dream. I gave up smoking 8 weeks ago so I have used food massively, time to stop!!!!

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Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the NHS weight loss forum. Great to hear you're on a mission to lose weight before your 40th Birthday in 6 month's time. Congratulations on giving up smoking 8 weeks ago, that is fantastic! :-)

Have a look at our Welcome Newbie post - it's in the Pinned posts area, along with other Challenges and things of interest, but a link is here:


Hope you'll enjoy the forum, and feel free to join in with anything you like the look of - all Challenges are open, and the Monday group weigh-in is really good too. Details of that are in the Events section, below the Pinned posts.

Have a great weekend and I'd recommend looking at the NHS 12 week plan, as it is really good.

Lowcal :-)

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I will take a look, thank you :)

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Hi Sarah and welcome here you will only receive encouragement and advice

Firstly absolutely fantastic giving up smoking 👍😊my husband has MS and needs to stop, he is finding it so difficult has even done the 6 week course at our health centre but has gone back to the cigarettes so any advice welcome.

After weighing yourself look on the BMI calaculator put in your stats and it will give you a band of calories to aim for. I work towards the lower end to avoid any under estimating I might do.

Getting a fitness tracker or using myfitnesspal off the net which is free helps as a motivator.

Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day.

Up your exercise even if it is only by walking more, so I log my steps.

Download week 1 of the 12 week plan you can fillet in daily if you wish I did for the first 18 weeks now I just check and add my foods on my fit bit.

Tell people around you if you can as that stops any one wondering or offering you foods you might have to refuse.

This is a new lifestyle not really a diet you can have what you want but add up everything you eat daily then refusing those naught snacks isn't as hard when you see your allowance going down.

Keep active on the forum ask for and give advice when you can.

Good Luck shout out if you need anything else.

Best wishes Bev😊


Thank you Bev,

I don't really know with the no smoking, I just woke up and thought today is the day. I had been mulling it over for a long time. And here I am :)

Sorry, I can't advise.

I will weigh myself over the weekend (uh-oh) and then do that calculation. I will take all your tips on board.

I have looked at some of the recipes, so I will be giving them a go.

Have a great day :)


Have a good day too and good luck on Monday weigh in hope the scales don't shock you too much.


Well done on stopping smoking. I smoked from age 16 to 34 (thats thirty years ago)...and one thing I promise you is that you will never regret giving it up.

It may not be immediate but once the body gets used to no nicotine you will find your eating habits improve , you'll have more energy, more money, your skin will look younger for longer, and you will feel very smug around lesser mortals who still smoke!!

It is the single best thing you could do for your health and in 10 years smoke free you will totally erase your risk of lung cancer.

Next stage is to become a healthy weight, but you've already made the hardest step. Well done 😊

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Thank you so much for your kind words.

I smoked from 17-39, its been kind of ok to deal with, ups and downs.

But my health is important and shifting this weight more so. I couldn't think of a better 40th birthday gift than losing what I need to. I have battled for so long. lost some and then gained some. Same old. But the journey has started, I have a cruise to go on for my birthday so a new dress a couple of dress sizes smaller would be nice. :)

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A cruise, a fabulous incentive. I had a similar lightbulb moment to yours after my 60th birthday. So in the following year I managed to shed just over 2st and have maintained it now for nearly two years...best of all I have since had two fab cruise holidays in size 12s . You will too!!


That's amazing, well done you. I really hope so. I really do.

Thanks elliebath :)

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