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Still going


Hi everyone

Haven't been on for a while as been so busy .

Just thought I would pop on and tell you how I'm doing well I was a size 14 when I started can't remember when that was about 3 months ? I think I am now down to a size 10 jeans and they are loose , so off to the shop this morning to treat myself to a few new clothes just enough to keep me going till I have lost all my weight .

Can anyone tell me how you find out what weight you are supposed to be I have looked on some charts are the difference is unbelievable . So any help would be great please .

How are you all doing ? I hope you are all well and keeping on track , I do read the posts and it's amaizing the amount of walking and running some of you do I. Very impressed .wish I could do it .

Well I hope you all have a good day and are not naughty !!

Pam x

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Have you checked the NHS BMI calculator? It's a useful guide. People generally aim to be below a bmi of 25. But we're all different. Size 10 jeans getting loose sounds like you might be there already :) Happy shopping :)

Hi Ruth

I haven't yet but I will do it now I know , thanks for the info

Have a nice day xx


Fantastic , well done pamed enjoy your shopping trip :)

Well done Pam. You surely deserve that treat. Can you please tell us what you have done in 3 months that has helped you get to size 10?

Hi Paulette Paulin

Thank you , I have just counted my calories been strict with myself weighed everything even counted the calories in oxo cubes , not a thing went in my mouth that I did not count no processed food ,

If I wanted anything sweet I made sugar free jelly with fruit in , I have not done any exercise as I do a lot at work but I do need to tone up now .

You can do it love you just have to be strict with yourself

Good luck darling I'm sure you will do it ,

Hope you are having a lovely day

Pam xx

nteapea1st 7lbs

Well done Pamed. If you are getting jeans then it would be silly not to look for a top wouldn't it, some shoes maybe a bag.......

slimpickings2 stone
in reply to nteapea

My kind of thinking...!!! Xx

Hi guys

Well went into reading today to do some shopping , the plan was to get a new jacket a few jumpers couple of pairs of jeans a pair of boots and...... got nothing !!!

I wanted something smart and casual boots were to high a heel and the small heal they did not have my size , jacket only quilted ones , didn't fancy them don't want to look like a quilt cover , lol jumpers to thin and I never even looked at the jeans got so fed up I came home , oh well another day maybe .

Hope you are all having a nice day , and being good

Oh I did get a new cutlery set at a bargain price £70.00 down to £15.00 so waste to total waste of time 😀😡xx

Pam x

in reply to Pamed

Next have nice bootcut jeans at the moment, 3 different styles so I was able to find the one that suited me best. Or if you prefer a slimmer looking style try uniqlo. Both won't break the bank. Good luck for next time :)

Thanks Ruth I will try next next time thanks for the advice


nteapea1st 7lbs
in reply to Pamed

It's because you were looking you have to not be looking to find something nice

I am sure that your cutlery is lovely but it's just not the same though (sniff) !! Xx

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