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Emotional eating

How do you curb emotional eating?

I'm a stay at home mum with a 7 month old who won't sleep and. 5 year old who is very hyper. My husband works away a lot so I'm often on my own.

I eat when I'm tired, I eat when I'm stressed, I eat when I'm bored and I eat when I need a escape! Even when I'm eating I know I shouldn't be, I just need that distraction I guess... so have any of you overcome emotional eating and how did you do it?

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Hi and welcome Ttamy :)

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I'd say find a craft that you can do which is easy to pick up and put down as and when the kids need you - if you can pick something that when you have hold of it would be spoiled by having food sticky fingers it will deter you from eating while you're doing it. My initial thought would be crochet as unlike knitting you only ever have one stitch at once so can't lose it off the needles. If you've never crocheted before google Attic24 as Lucy the lady who writes it gives really easy to follow tutorials - you can pick up a couple of cheap balls of wool from the market or sometimes charity shops sell them and with a simple crochet hook it's minimal financial outlay to have a go - I find busy hands stop me picking - hope this helps as being at home with kids often makes it difficult to stop yourself from nibbling naughty stuff - Good Luck!!!


I know that you are by yourself and this causes a lot of stress (been there when my children were little....) but can you get out and about during the day with the baby - mother & baby groups/coffee mornings- to tire little one out a bit and give you some company too? Could you go for a long walk to park or other open space to get your 5 year old to run around and let off some excess energy after school? If you are walking that should help with the exercise bit of losing weight and you don't need to go to gyms etc. My dear old dad was a firm advocate of walking and "fresh air" to solve lots of problems and I think I'm changing into him! Hopethat might help bbut I'm sure you'll find a way. Take care.


Hiya, i sympathise, emotional eating is a tricky one. have you ever done yoga? it does help with reducing cravings and increasing wellbeing, and it will burn a few calories. could you buy a beginners yoga DVD?


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Hi how about exercising look at YouTube Leslie San sone indoor walking I'd good when you can't get out and can grab 10 mins or how about craft with the older child. or lovely Autumn walks. May help baby sleep


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