Underactive thyroid

Hi there,

I've just joined the group, hi to you all...

I'm currently 11stone6lbs, I gained two stone after having no option but to stay in bed for almost for twelve months after suffering profound hypothyroidism (hashimotos and a TSH of 186)

I used to train for two hours a day, just for mental health as much as anything, so I get so upset when I think about how much my body has changed and it really gets me down,

I'm praying someone else has suffered from hypothyroidism and has managed to shift weight? As all I can find online is people claiming they can't which was really getting me down.

Thanks :)


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7 Replies

  • HI depemma

    I have been hypothyroid for 21 years, after a partial thyroidectemy. I have struggled with my weight since, I had managed to get it down 10 years ago and then a couple of years later they upped my dose of levothyroxine and here I am.

    Yes its hard work and the weight loss is up and down, but it can be done. I've lost nearly 2 stone since end of July, of which nearly 1 since joining this forum back in September.

    I recommend the Monday weigh in and you'll find plenty of help and support here on this forum.

    Good Luck

  • Well done on your weight loss , that's exactly what I needed to hear 😉 and thanks for the reply

  • Hi I have been on Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism for about 8 years and at the beginning of this year decided to try to get my weight under control. I have lost about 26 pounds (although I am currently trying to lose 6 pounds again as I put a bit on due to holidays and birthdays). I found that as long as I stuck to my calorie allowance and tried to exercise as much as possible then a 1 pound loss on average each week was achievable. Set your self small manageable goals and whatever you do don't give up. Come onto this forum for support and motivation. You can do it - best of luck :)

  • Thanks for the advice and great to hear you're doing so well 😉

  • Hi, I ended up with Myxedema (the end stage of hypothyroidism) due to a misdiagnoses for 6 years. I had gained 4 stone in weight. I started taking Levothyroxine 2 years ago. It took a while for my body to recover, and I had got into the habit of a very sedentary lifestyle because of feeling so ill. I finally joined this forum and am doing the NHS 12 week plan, and I have been losing weight. I think exercise and calorie counting is the key. I have around 1400 calories (recommended for me), and try to walk 10,000 steps a day. My usual steps a day were around 800-1,000, so it took me a while to build up to this, and I usually only manage it on 3 days a week, so far! I am on week 10 of the plan, and have lost 22lb :) My weight loss will no doubt start to slow down now, but I am still hoping to lose a pound a week.

    Just another point. My mum has had hypothyroidism since she had a thyroidectomy in 1953. She has always had a very active lifestyle, and still remains very slim, even at 85, so it can be done!

    Good luck xx

  • 22lbs is fantastic , well done you, and that's great about your mam - I'm feeling much more positive and inspired after reading this. Thank you 😉

  • Hi, i am also hypothyroid, i was misdiagnosed for 6 years and have now been on levothyroxine for 4 years, i have gained 4 stone in that time.

    Tomorrow i am having a ct scan for my upcoming thyroidectomy which i now need for my retrosternal goitre. i joined this site hoping to lose some weight and get fitter for my op. I have started walking 20 to 40 min everyday for the last 2 weeks and the waistband on all my clothes is a little looser, i have also needed my inhaler less.

    Reading other peoples posts and replies gives you hope and encouragement that you can lose weight. i wish you the best of luck with your weightloss.🌺

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