New month tomorrow

Have been messing about with my diet recently. Started working with a PT and been trying to incorporate his diet guidance with what I have been doing in the past and have really ended up sticking to nothing. Had intended to make a fresh start this morning but to tired after working three nights over the weekend. Today have eaten nothing but rubbish

So tomorrow is a new month and I am determined to get a grip. Got a training session at 10am tomorrow and am going to put my sensible head on and get a grip


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9 Replies

  • hi, you sound so positive, you can do it, best wishes

  • Hi and welcome to the new month and positive you - you can do this - good luck x x

  • Thank you Prawncess and Cracker10. I just get so frustrated with myself when I can't control my eating. I know all the good things to eat and then I eat all the wrong things.

  • annde; we all know roughly what we should do, but the truth is that for us it's a very hard thing to do. You came to a good group here and everyone will provide words of encouragement. Take heart, and the first small steps of your journey. You sound like you're a determined person so you have the drive to go on. The folk you find in here will help you to keep going when you ask for help. I look forward to seeing you in here and champion you on your way.

  • Don't place too much pressure upon yourself, when it comes to diet.

    Begin by introducing small changes, such as reducing consumption of refined carbohydrates in favour of complex varieties (to provide energy), in addition to ensuring that a daily calorie deficit continues to be maintained.

    As for exercise, provided it remains regular (3 times a week), additional calories will be burned, helping to improve weight loss in both the shorter and longer term, in addition to improving your fitness.

  • Hiya, you have a great attitude im sure youll succeed. just try to eat healthily for today, dont think about tomorrow. You can do it ☺

  • Everyone has blips 😕 Being tired plays havoc with our plans too.

    Good luck for November 😊

  • Good luck have a great week

  • We all can get the sad sack feeling good place to come and let it out. Back to the gym like you said it will make you feel better you have returned, Remember calories in must be calories burned at times to loss weight. Cutting them helps, the combination is the key! Happy trails.

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