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Getting ready

Just downloaded the 12 weeks weight loss program. I am currently reading it, will be shopping later accordingly and planning for the week, I have planned some running also which I will make sure I do, through the week My water intake is something I struggle with but will work on it. Anything else I need to be aware of for starting my 12 weeks journey??

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Obviously the journey is about calorie control :) so make sure you use the BMI checker to find out the right calories for your BMI/levels of activity so that you don't deprive yourself.

And for me, calorie counting felt like such an overwhelming thing to suddenly do, so I suggest giving yourself enough time to prepare meals to start with to get used to organising the calories in a dish.

And plan everything if you don't already :) planning is the key to success for me. I plan two "easy to calculate" meals a week so that everyday isn't overtaken by calories at dinner time. I plan my lunches and dinners at the start of the week but plan my breakfast and individual snacks the day before so when the following day comes I know it's all planned and I can't go off and buy a chocolate bar that I haven't got the calories for :)

Depending what your eating/lifestyle was like before then the NHS plan can be a huge, huge, change so don't be too hard on yourself and set small goals for things to change and forgive yourself any minor slip ups as you're only just starting out :)

I hope you enjoy starting the plan and make sure you continue to ask for advice and help on here as I think it's so beneficial :) good luck on your first day!


Hi, thank you for this very helpful advice, I have used my BMI calculator to calculate the calories required. But I agree with you, I have a very busy life with 2 young children and I need to find the easiest way not to let the calorie counting become a nightmare. Organising and planning in advance will be the answer, I guess. I like how you divide your calorie counting in two easy ways.


Hi and welcome

I started a spreadsheet on the computer and started a list i.e.

the bread I eat is 93 calories - now if I am having a piece of toast etc I don't have to go looking for the calorie content every time.

I have built up in the last two weeks a good list of regular foods like fruit and vegetables meat etc and it has made calorie counting a lot quicker and easier

example - it reads like this = mixed Nuts 25 gm is 163 calories - therefore if I have 50 gm of nuts I just double it and don't have to look it up every time

Then on another tab of the same spreadsheet I have a daily intake of where I put what I have eaten that day and the calories and got it to automatically add up for me - the at the end of the day I put the total into another tab to keep a record and have another tab with the weekly weigh in so i can keep track of it all

Wishing you all the best on your journey :)

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What a fab idea, so easy to keep track of the same food you are most likely to consume, I might do this, having two kids and a busy life, I don't want calorie counting to become difficult or a chore that could put me off my track. Thank you again

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Have you read the pinned posts for newbies it is either on the right hand side or bottom of your page depending on your device. It gives lots of great tips about how to use the forum. Also information on the Monday weigh in which many of us find very motivating. There are lots of challenges going on which again can be great for motivation. It helps to keep active on the forum.

You mention you have planned your exercise and that is a great idea. It also helps to plan your meals to help with calories.

I wish you luck and determination 😀

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Thank you, I will have a look through the pinned post for more helpful advice, this site is so good 😊


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