First week weigh in

Very happy with my first week loss, down 5lbs :-), couldn't believe it! Didn't feel hungry at all during the week, even ate 2 small donuts, 5 Rich Tea biscuits and last night 1 mini Magnum. I ate 3 sensible meals each day and over the week did 200 mins of exercise in the guise of gardening, walking, cleaning windows and other housework. Will carry on this week in much the same way, don't expect such a large loss the second week, but I feel encouraged :-). Hope all the newbies did well and looking forward to reading your posts.

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  • Hi Carolee2727,

    Wow, what a great result for Week 2, that's brilliant! Many Congratulations!!! :-) Glad you've enjoyed your week and achieved a nice mix of exercise and sensible meals.

    Have you read our Welcome Newbie post yet? If not, it's worth a read, and please do join in with anything you like the look of in the forum.

    Wishing you an excellent week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. :-)

  • Oh my gosh! Amazing!! :) Well done you!

  • Thank you _:-)

  • 5lb fantastic well done :)

  • Thank you :-)

  • Well done on the 5lbs but more importantly how you have found it quite easy. Here's to your next weigh in 2lbs? 1/2 a stone total would be something to tell your friends about.😊

  • Well done to you!! can you tell me where I find the link for the weigh in please?

  • The link is here:

    You can find it by looking in the Events section, but I'm giving you the direct link to make it easier for you this time. :-)

  • Wow well done you!! That's brilliant. Keep up the good work!! :D

    Sazkia :)

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