Getting the measure of me

So I thought it was about time to put down more than my waist measurement. I know some weeks will be tough and on those weeks I may find I fall out with the scales and reach for the tape measure.

So here goes;

Neck: 16.5"

Upper arm: 17"

Bust: 58"

Waist: 51" (previously 54" yay!)

Bum: 51"

Upper leg: 28"

So will check them all the next time I have a slow week x x x


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11 Replies

  • That will be good Crimson85j. 😀

  • Hi,its great news that your waist has gone down to 51"..keep going ☆★☆★

  • That is something I haven't done yet and I will have to.

    Well done on the waist reduction that is the one that matters isn't it?

  • They use it as an indicator for diabetes etc so yeah. Plus I wanna be an hour glass lol 😉 who doesn't lol

  • Hi Crimson,

    Great that you've done your measurements, and also fantastic to hear you've already seen a difference of 3 inches in your waist size - wow, that's so great!!! :-)

    You'll find it inspiring to check them in the future - I usually do my measurements monthly, and it can be very motivating.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That is a great idea and something I didn't do at the beginning which I slightly regret now.

    It is amazing to see the proof that the weight is actually coming off, even if we don't see it when we look in the mirror or the scales aren't showing it (which happens occasionally)!

  • Hi

    Congratulations on the waist reduction measurement

    I am starting today on the 12 week plan - must do the measurements myself - thanks for the post and good luck

  • Measuring yourself is a good idea. It's also nice to get the informal measure of a previously tight waistband now being comfy, or even loose!

    Does anyone have any opinions on where you should measure your waist, though? I'm very pear-shaped, and if I assume my waist is my thinnest bit, that is considerably above my belly button, so I can get 2 vastly different measurements depending on whether my waist is where my belly button is, or where my thinnest point is.

  • I don't know if this is the "right way" but I measure across my widest point (so across my belly button) and I make sure I stand without breathing anything in, even though this is not how I normally stand, as I feel this is the truest measure of change

  • Thanks. I think I'd best stick to that as well, as measurig my narrowest bit gives me a false sense of security!

  • Yup me too on all measurements I find the widest bit

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