struggling to stick to it

Hi i'm Keri, as it says above I struggle to stick to diets, I just don't have the stamina or will power to be able to stick to anything unless I'm made to, it took me longer than I should have to complete my nvq in the last month I had 6 units to complete simply because my assessor said if I don't do it ill have to do it again currently don't eat properly due to laziness my job as I don't get a regular time to eat my meals but that's going to change


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6 Replies

  • Heya, try not to be so down on yourself. ☺ Losing weight is not easy. You might find the 12 week plan alot easier as its more about making changes to your lifestyle, rather than going on a 'diet'. Sounds like you do have the motivation, you just need some faith in yourself.

    Wishing you lots of success.

  • Thank you 😊

  • albinohedgehog is right you know. You are full of negativity about yourself.


    Take this a day, or even an hour at a time. Mini fist pump saying no to that biscuit, champion the banana you ate and celebrate taking the stairs not the lift. You see, we don't diet here, we make permanent, long term changes here and I know that you can make some simple changes in your life too. Just post if you need help and support. That's what we do . Xxxx

  • Nice reply. I really wanted just one biscuit last night. It was awful, but I know it would have led to more than one. It did help me to log on to this site at the time. I know it sounds pathetic but if you yearn for a biscuit then it does seem to be all encompassing at the time.

  • That is a gold star to you. The need for the biscuit is everything at the time. A wise person on this forum once said, look at the biscuit and consider how you will feel about having eaten it in an hour. If you will be cross with yourself focus on that. I know you can do this. Xx

  • I think the trick is to become MORE selfish. You say you can't do something unless someone else makes you do it. You're saying that their will is more important than yours. That someone else is more important than you. When you become your own best friend life will be easier in many ways.

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