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I do love chocolate but have managed to control myself through two little helps that I'll share.

1. I allow myself a small piece of very dark chocolate now and then. By very dark I mean at least 70% cocoa (so not Bournville ). I don't really like dark chocolate so this is ideal as I need to be desperate to have any. I much prefer milk chocolate but then I'd eat it all.

2. Every day, at least twice, a big mug of Tesco's Finest Chocolate Tea with milk. It really hits the spot.

Further suggestions very welcome.

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Whipped double cream, cheese or soft cheese, for the mouth-feel without the sugar addiction.

VickyDLM2 stone

I'm interested in the chocolate tea, I must say. I've never heard of chocolate flavor tea, will have to have a look.

I find with chocolate sometimes going for something small that can be weighed out (like M&Ms or chocolate buttons) works because I can weigh a small serving into a ramekin and then put the bag away. Because I will eat all that's in front of me! But out of sight, out of mind. So the bag is safe in the cupboard! :)

Ummpeter2020 March in reply to VickyDLM

Wow VickyDLM! How on earth do you manage to forget about a bag of chocolate buttons hidden away?

VickyDLM2 stone in reply to Ummpeter

Not so much that I forget that it's there but that I'm too lazy to go all the way to the cupboard for more! ;)

Ummpeter2020 March in reply to VickyDLM

Ooo I wish I could do that. If there's anything remotely chocolatey in the house I eat it 😂

VickyDLM2 stone in reply to Ummpeter

I suppose the trick is to distract yourself. Maybe take up needlepoint or knitting? Anything you don't want to spill on! :D

Did you just try to stay away all together? After some time you don't crave it all.

Itsbab4 stone

Hi I love chocolate but since my new journey I have cut down by probably 98% I have found some little bars of dark chocolate in Aldi some 70% but one I like with sea salt in. I will have about a bar a week (140 calories) in two sessions it keeps me at bay with my chocolate fix.

One big thing I have noticed since giving up daily chocolate is I have fewer headaches and also I noticed a lot of chocolate makes me very moody and argumentative.

OttomummyHealthy BMI

You'd think I'm lucky, I don't crave chocolate, in fact don't like the bars you can buy in most shops. I DO like the expensive, dark, dark, dark stuff, but strangely have no chocolate craving. It doesn't do anything for me.

Crisps however, are a totally different kettle of Kettle chips, sorry fish. Like Ummpeter, if there are crisps in the house, I can sniff 'em out, and have to eat the whole lot. I can almost eat an entire tube of pringles in one sitting, although afterwards I admit to feeling very sick! So we can't have them in the house at the moment. Which is fine, as husband only likes white chocolate (yuk), so no biscuits or chocolate or crisps are lurking anywhere in the house. Darn.

Im the same with crisps. When i go to my mums she keeps all sorts of treats in , but im like a crisp seeking missile. 😆 When i stay there ive had to accept its my 'cheat' day, for want of a better word. I always go over my cals that day, i just have to accept it! Salted kettle chips are my fave. I can try to avoid them now im eating mostly low carb, but not sure i have the willpower. 😆

If you melt a few squares of dark chocolate and drizzle over a banana (raw or baked) its like gooey choc dessert, and 1 of your 5 a day. Also you can start the day off with dark choc in your porridge. ☺

Im def going to have to try chocolate tea- sounds yummy! X

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