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Week 1 day 2

Day two and I am still motivated - with how it was lately, I have to say that's an improvement for me. For the past few months I've tried to lose weight and I looked at different diets, but mostly I would start the diet in the morning and by evening I would end up with big bag of crisps, box of chocolates and mountains of sandwiches.

I was a chubby child and I started my first diet when I was 20. It was easy and with simple 1000 kcal diet I lost a lot of weight. But I made the common mistake - after I reached the weight I was happy with, I simply started eating as before the diet. I put all the weight back in less than a year. After that I had tried many other diets, but it was a yoyo effect after each attempt.

However, I have never been above 100 kilograms. It is scary. I have a scale and I was checking my weight daily, I saw all the weight creeping up but I was not in a right place. I was already 105 kilos when I decided to quit smoking. I am now two months smoke free and I gained extra 6 kilograms.

I know however feel that I am in a right place to finally change my habits, to start loving myself, to enjoy food and to get healthier.

Wish me luck :)

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Wishing you luck, well more determination, lots here use the Nhs 12 week plan, Lowcal will no doubt welcome you later, and give you a link.

Use the bmi calculator, also find what your calorie needs are, which will be the base for your new plan, food wise.

Lots of help here too, have a rough menu plan, and stick up on healthy stuff ( I've just done a shop at Aldi, and stocked up on everything ), I'm finding a steamer and a slowcooker are helpful. ( you may have them).

I also work shifts so tend to portion up one portion to fridge/freeze or giveaway, being on my own, saves reaching for the wrong stuff when I'm tired.


Yes, I am following the 12 week plan and Lowcal already commented on some of my posts :)


All good news then


Hi Karolina,

Really glad you're still feeling motivated and enjoying the week so far. That's great news!!! :-)

Hope you're enjoying more lovely recipes - your post with those delicious recipes you did recently was lovely!

Wishing you success and I don't think you need luck, as you're feeling motivated and positive, and that should see you through!

Lowcal :-)


Wishing you success


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