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Birthday Approaching

Hi, I've just started my new healthy lifestyle on Monday and am off to a good start. Trying not to think ahead and just take it one day at a time but it's my birthday next Friday and already I'm feeling under pressure to go out with family and friends which is lovely and I'm grateful for their kindness but I don't want it to be my downfall so any suggestions on how to party without undoing my good work? What food and drink choices do you make on nights out?


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Hi Kate!

And Happy Birthday! (A bit early) :D

I always stick to diet sodas so far as drinks go. I know they're not really good for you either, but at least I'm not loading up on empty calories. And food I find is ok when out if you can plan ahead. Many places put their menus online so you can look in advance and plan out what you're going to have. This gives you a chance to check out calorie counts so you know what you're getting.

Good luck! :)

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Happy Birthday for Friday! :)

I would be upfront with family and friends and state that although you'll indulge in a LITTLE treat you are not going to go overboard as you want to be healthier. Hopefully, they'll think about treating you to a lovely spa day or something, which would be a treat but the none food kind. Either way, enjoy your special day! :)

Sazkia x ♥


Hi Kate15,

Happy Birthday for next Friday. If you have a look at the NHS 12 week plan - specifically the advise in Week 5, it has some good pointers for how to cope with drink choices and making healthier swaps etc:


I couldn't see a way to just give you Week 5's info - but if you download the 12 week plan, and then go to Week 5, it will have some helpful info.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you Vicky, Sazkia, and Lowcal for your good advice, some really good suggestions. I'll make a point of reading Week 5. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes too!


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