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The hidden numbers of health

So I was a bit disappointed in maintaining this week on the scales. However, sometimes we need to put things into perspective - having just returned from my 3 monthly GP appointment to monitor my medication. My lifestyle changes of increasing exercise and eating more healthily meant that even after cycling the 5 miles to the surgery my Blood Pressure was lower than 3 months ago when I drove to the appointment. She was happy and I left encouraged. Obviously I cycled home - pretty much all up hill and completed the 10.5 mile round trip in an hour.

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Wow fantastic cycling uphill I would have enough concentration to cycle in a straight line.

You are right I too maintained this week but put into perspective and getting back on track where as before I would have given up with a weeks no loss but not now.

Brilliant your BP is lower just shows it's not all about the scales.

Good luck hope you have a fab day. 👍😊


Brilliant news and massive well done. :) Keep it up and don't worry about maintaining; easier said than done, I know that from experience. :) However, maintain is actually a good thing - it means you did not gain! ;)



Sometimes the results aren't always on the scales and lowering your blood pressure is just as beneficial to your health in the long term as losing weight - well done you!


To me, the improved health is what it is all about and seeing the proof in front of you really does bring it home - well done on the cycle ride as well!


Excellent result! Very well done 😊👟🚴🏽😊


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