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Start of a new journey - day 16

Good evening all, hope you've all had a great day.

Mine has been pretty awful, the 'trial' shift didn't go as expected and at one point shut myself in the toilet and cried. With out going into detail, I suffered a breakdown in June and haven't worked since, lack of money is becoming a problem. I just don't think I'm ready for this yet 🙁

On the plus side I have done over 19,000 steps today and boy do my feet and legs know it lol.

So for now I'm going to concentrate on me, my weight loss journey and hitting the gym or exercising.

Sorry to moan, thanks for listening X

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Oh no Rosie, I'm so sorry to hear that! I think concentrating on yourself for a bit, sounds like an excellent idea. There's no point rushing things if it's going to end up setting you back.

I can empathise with your sore legs and feet, because mine are feeling exactly the same at the moment! We need some TLC! :)

Never apologise for having a moan, that's what we're here for :)

Onwards and downwards, my friend! :)


Hi Rosie,

I'm glad you told us how it went, and I can imagine that you're feeling relieved to be back home again now. I know it was challenging for you today, but you did go there, and although you cried at one point, you managed to get through it, and nothing really bad happened.

It's really tough to return to work after time-out, and if you're not feeing ready yet, then I think you're right to concentrate on yourself, and hopefully you'll feel better and better as time goes on.

Wishing you a relaxing evening and a good sleep tonight, and hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Lowcal :-)


*HUGS* Well done for trying, that's all anyone can expect. :) Please try to be gentle with yourself and relax those legs and feet, they deserve it after all that hard work. :) ;)

There's nothing wrong with focusing on you and your goals, good for you. :)

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Sorry the trial wasn't what you expected but put it behind you, rest those sore legs and concentrate on you and your journey.

I had to leave my job so I can sympathise how you feel and financially it takes its toll. Concentrating on yourself will build confidence as you loose weight and get fitter then you can look for a position which may suit you better.

I am afraid I am old school and always cut my cloth according to what you have so I can adapt to any loss of finances. Money doesn't make you happy as long as you can pay the bills that's all that matters. You will find something I am sure when you are ready.

Take care Bev . 💐⭐️

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Sorry things didn't go as you had hoped, 😕 but illness like yours takes a long time to get over 😊 But very well done on the steps, my legs ache just thinking about it!! 😊😊😊

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Well Rosie

Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But sometimes it is essential to take time off and to make sure your most important decision of the day simply consists of choosing which colour of the rainbow your going to slide down.☺



Remember you are important and to be kind to yourself . Sometimes the time is wrong , the gym and exercise sounds a really good idea

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Thank you for all your support :-)


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