Kedgeree for tea

Kedgeree for tea

Thought I'd share my evening meal tonight with you


50g dry weight short grain brown rice cooked with 1 tsp of curry powder

167g cooked smoked haddock

2 boiled eggs

134g whole green beans

Cooked and mixed together, all in all came to 522 calories

Obviously you could change the mix of ingredients - my odd numbers are just what two pieces of fish and a shake of the bag of frozen green beans produced

Very very tasty and lovely and filling

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  • Oh that looks nice and tasty ☺

  • Deeeeeelishus! :)

  • Hi Annabelle,

    This looks lovely and is a really simple recipe - I like it! Hope you enjoyed it.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Now that's a dinner! :D Yummy, I hope you enjoyed it. :)

  • It was awesome!

  • I make this a lot 😊Nice with smoked mackerel too 😊 Looks very yummy and good for you 😊

  • Never thought about smoked mackerel which I absolutely love - thanks for that

  • I like mackerel in all its forms 😊 Luckily it is quite prolific up here!! 😊

  • I've only ever had it smoked but I do love that

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