Its funny that when I went to my doctor about my functional dyspepsia that I have been diagnosed with amd which it states that causes are obesity and diet that when I asked my doctor to see a dietitian amd or a nutritionalist he said and I quote"there is a lot of mumbo jumbo out there and that's not going to help you you will just have to live with it" I really think that the whole system needs to be re educated and funds needs to be redistributed in the right places and not in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry! Help people through diet and exercise you don't always need to pop a pill!


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  • Yes, some doctors are only too happy to give people loads of pills, some of which often counteract each other or make things worse! I think the problem is that the majority of people don't want to make the effort of dieting or exercising. I have certainly been guilty of doing that in the past. It's a lot easier just to take a pill.

    The other problem of course, is lack of time and amount of people visiting the doctor every day. We have 5 minute appointments where we are. Not enough time for a doctor to talk you through something like lifestyle changes :(

  • That sounds very frustrating, so sorry! :( It might be worth speaking to another Dr, you're perfectly in your right to do so! Also, you don't have to agree with your Dr, if you think something is wrong you tell them and then you can explore things further. :)

    There are many things with our health service that could be improved, I agree. Then again, I feel we're also lucky to have the health service we do have so it's a two way thing, I guess. Don't let this one Dr get you down. ;)


  • Hi no I won't let him get me down just frustrating when you ask for help in the right place and can't get it. I have asked him about it on two separate occasions. Have been a lot better since following the Mediterranean way of eating have found it easy to follow and with all the different countries involved in it gives you a really wide range of food to choose from.

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