Celebrating the smallest victories

I ditched my car in June and started getting the train instead. This helped me with achieving about 6000 steps daily out of my 10000 steps target.

I noticed today that I walked from my office to the train station without getting out of breath and I walked it faster too.

When I started, it used to take me 20 mins, I'm now down to 10mins. I would also be gasping for breath by the time I got to either the office or the train station.

It's taken me 3 months but I'm so glad I stuck with it. My next goal is to start power walking the distance and to walk even further by taking a longer route

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7 Replies

  • Wow, well done NikiA :D That's really great, you're doing so well and seeing positive results; keep this up! ;)

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Thanks. I had been feeling a bit frustrated because I wasn't losing much weight, but this has really cheered me up and motivated me to keep going.

  • Weight loss is only one part of this journey, getting fitter and feeling good about yourself means so much too and you may be building more muscle which weighs more than fat so I bet you're looking leaner, even if the scales are not giving you the results you want to see yet. You're doing really well. :)

  • Hi NikiA,

    Great that you've been walking more, and that you're feeling the benefits of that. Walking is such great exercise.

    Good luck with your new goals - they sound great, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • It so true what you are saying above weight loss is only part of the Journey

  • Brilliant. Walking is so good for us.

  • It's great to get new health habits- I broke my ankle very badly just over a year ago and I know I am much healthier now than before I did it,having lost weight and taken up swimming- I even asked for swimming lessons for my birthday! Good to learn new things at 61!

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