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Day 3 Detox- I feel AMAZING

Hi guys,

So I know a lot of you warned me off this detox diet, but I fell absolutely amazing! I am not very hungry at all on it, in fact the only time I feel really hungry is usually about this time in the morning, just before I'm about to have my snack. It isn't as restrictive as many of you thought, I reckon with the cereal bar snacks I'm on about 900/1000kcal a day roughly, I mean this is a typical day on this diet (this is what I had yesterday anyway):

Breakfast (6:30am)- Pomegranate green tea drink (200kcal)

Snack (9:30am)- Cereal bar (150kcal)

Lunch (12:30pm)- Raw carrots, Raw red Peppers, Raw cherry tomatoes (lots of) (200kcal)

Snack (4pm)- Cereal bar (150kcal)

Dinner (7pm)- Big bowl of stir fried vegetables, with ginger, coriander and a bit of soy sauce (200kcal)

Cups of tea (milk no sugar) throughout the day- about 50kcal I reckon.

So that's basically 950kcals. And I didn't feel THAT hungry at any point. I've got leftover stir fried vegetables and some grapes for my lunch, and I'm not sure what i'll have for dinner yet, maybe might make a basic carrot soup or something. I feel like I can eat salads and raw things in the afternoon but the evening meal just needs to be warm, y'know? Tonight i'll be weighing in, and if I am going to lose 11 pounds in 17 days, I should be at least 2 pounds down by now. And I feel like it to be honest.

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Pleased you are feeling good, and sorry to be a damp squid, but problem is, won't you just put it all back on when you start to eat 'normally' again?


I may put on a bit but I'm hoping to gradually re-introduce all the food groups over the next coming months and try to get in the habit of having and enjoying healthy vegetable/ lean protein centred meals more often- I feel I have got into the bad habits of: 1) eating too many carbs/ too much cheese. 2) not eating enough (or any!) fruit 3) Having massive lunches and massive dinners, but not snacking.

I'm going to continue with this until Tuesday, where i'll be adding lean meats back in. Just saying I'm feeling surpisingly good and not hungry on it.

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sounds like a plan! good luck, hope it works for you x


Good luck for your weigh in, 😊 And I hope this is the kick start you are looking for 😊 Best wishes


Where does the 11 lb in 17 days come from ?


You really need some protein and essential fatty acids in your day, it could be vegetable protein if you want to give meat/fish a miss. Just concentrating on calories may not give you a healthy diet. If the ingredients in your cereal bars are processed carbs and sugar, you are not doing your body any favours.

Perhaps look at something like the 5:2 diet if you want to make sure of losing weight but staying healthy?


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